CANNES — Talking about the imperative to deliver and measure ads across platforms is one thing, doing it is another.

Digital video ad-tech outfit FreeWheel says it sees a “tipping point” coming after the recent US TV upfronts season saw a range of new formats and techniques debut. But it is already seeing a march from traditional desktop internet video, to internet-enabled TV platforms.

“If you look across our customer base, 20% of our inventory is now in set-top box VOD,” according to Neil Smith, the VP of FreeWheel’s FourFronts marketplace. “There’s a significant amount of inventory in OTT device.

“Being able to use data in those environments that are more closed and more restricted have more technical limitations than desktop is incredibly important if you want to have scale and premium.

“Set-top box VOD and the ability to apply buy-side data there is something we’ve started to execute on this year.”