Voice-Enabled Audio Ads Drive Listener Engagement: Instreamatic’s Stas Tushinsky

Advancements in natural-language processing (NLP) technology are giving marketers greater ability to engage consumers in verbal conversations. As people listen to ad-supported audio programming such as podcasts and music, brands will have more tools to make radio-like spots more interactive. Stas Tushinksy, co-founder and chief executive of voice marketing platform Instreamatic, describes those possibilities in […]


Streaming Video Ads Have Key Role in Midterm Elections: Uplift’s Jamie Patton

Political advertising will be especially significant in this year’s midterm elections, considering that control of both houses of the U.S. Congress is in play. Campaigns are grappling with a seismic shift in television viewing habits during the pandemic, which kept many people at home during a time when major media companies either expanded or launched […]


Beet Retreat Highlights Ways to Boost Campaign Outcomes: Sabio’s Jon Stimmel

Advertisers have grown more focused on business outcomes from their marketing campaigns, pushing media companies to offer performance-based guarantees. As data-drive attribution becomes more scalable and standardized, these deliverables are becoming more attainable. Jon Stimmel, chief growth officer at CTV ad-tech company Sabio, will discuss these issues more in-depth as a featured speaker at the Beet […]


Brands Are Ready to Test New Measurement for Upfronts: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis Chats With Samba TV’s Kris Magel

As television networks prepare to showcase their programming during the upfront sales season, more advertisers are ready to test alternative ways to measure the value of their media investments. “When we hung up the phone yesterday with a bunch of our clients, we had a handful of them say, ‘I’m ready to test,’” Cara Lewis, […]


Retail Media Networks Are Growing as Advertising Drives Online Shopping

Advertising on ecommerce sites is a high-growth segment of digital media as marketers seek to reach digital shoppers closer to the point of sale. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Albertsons, Kroger, Best Buy and Macy’s are among the retailers that sell online ad space on their websites. Instead of being categorized as a type of “performance media” […]


Out-Of-Home Advertising Is Poised for Surging Growth: Atmosphere COO Blake Sabatinelli

Out-of-home advertising is seeing a rebound as marketers aim to reach consumers who are returning to their pre-pandemic routines after being stuck at home during lockdowns. While billboards, posters and digital signage provide ways for their brands to seen by “on-the-go” consumers, streaming startup Atmosphere is offering a platform to deliver video ads to public […]


Direct-to-Consumer Brand Partnerships Expand by 30%: Disney’s Michaela Giovengo

Selling directly to consumers is a source of revenue growth for a variety of brands, whether it’s an established multinational like Nike in sportswear or a disruptor like Dollar Shave Club in men’s grooming products. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands seek measurable results in every part of the purchase funnel, and Disney will highlight how it helps […]


Disney Deal Marks Next Stage in Innovation for Ad Metrics: Samba TV’s Ashwin Navin

Disney this week named Samba TV as its first official measurement partner amid a broader effort to provide marketers with more tools to analyze their advertising campaigns. Brands will have access to Samba TV’s True Reach and Frequency platform for deeper insights into audiences among a variety of connected devices including smart TVs. “We’re no […]


Roku’s Louqman Parampath Discusses Audience Guarantees for Streaming Video Ads

Roku this month began offering marketers a new kind of guarantee that they’re reaching target audiences through its streaming network, which has 50 million active accounts in the United States. Its OneView programmatic ad-buying platform now has Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) audience guarantees – the first for TV streaming. “It allows them [media buyers] […]


VideoAmp Deal Gives Marketers More Choice with Audience Measurement: Comcast’s Claudio Marcus

Comcast Advertising, a division of the media and communications giant, reached a deal with VideoAmp to include aggregated viewership data from the Comcast footprint into its currency-grade measurement. The increased coverage will support local, national and cross-platform audience ratings and impression measurement to help media buyers and sellers determine their value. “The incorporation of response-level […]


Incremental CPMs Make Ad Campaigns More Efficient: Samba TV’s Avi Brown

Consumers are spending a growing amount time watching video content on connected devices including smart TVs and mobile phones. As audiences divide their time among linear and digital channels, advertisers have sought more accurate methods to measure these activities – or a currency that indicates what they’re getting for their media spending. “We really are […]


Outdoor Media’s Rebirth Comes With New Tech Tools: OAAA’s Anna Bager

Out-of-home advertising is rebounding as marketers seek to reach consumers who are itching to get back to pre-pandemic activities like traveling, going out to eat, attending live events and shopping in stores. Brands also are relying on software tools to improve their targeting and contextual messaging amid the challenges of losing tracking cookies and device […]


Olympics Spur High Completion Rates for TV Ads: iSpot.tv CEO Sean Muller

The Olympic Games generate billions of dollars in advertising sales as one of the few events with a global audience. This year’s television coverage Winter Olympics is Beijing is noteworthy for its extensive distribution among streaming channels, reaching viewers on connected devices such as smart TVs. Ad-measurement company iSpot.tv has been running tests with network […]


GroupM’s Global Commerce Chief Sees Upside for Retailers, Brands, Platforms and Publishers

Retailers have made a bigger push into the digital advertising market as brands seek to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop, or to engage target audiences based on other data signals. Amazon has led this growth, becoming the third-biggest digital ad platform after Google and Facebook, while retail chains as varied as Walmart, […]


Undercounted Ads Are Costly for Media Companies: VAB’s Sean Cunningham

Audience measurement and verification are a cornerstone of a properly functioning media market, helping buyers and sellers of advertising to negotiate prices fairly. After the Media Rating Council last year suspended its accreditation of Nielsen’s TV ratings services, trade group VAB renewed its call for changes to the way viewership is tabulated. “We had had […]


‘We’re Looking Forward to a Multicurrency Upfront’: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

Advertisers and media companies have been pushing for improvements in the measurement of television viewing. After ratings stalwart Nielsen lost accreditation from the Media Rating Council, there is greater urgency to develop alternative methods of audience measurement – and the related currencies for ad transactions – as the upfront sales season approaches. “I’m extraordinarily excited […]


‘Intellectual Property Is the New Prime Time’: WarnerMedia’s Ryan Gould

Households that have hooked up their TVs directly to the internet not only have more programming choices, but they also have more control over the viewing experience. As they stream their favorite content on demand, marketers can develop new strategies to reach audiences whose viewing isn’t limited to day parts. “Media owners today aren’t confined […]


Addressable TV Offers Flexibility, Targeting for Marketers: Fox’s David Borstein

Showing different commercials to different viewers during the same TV shows promises to make advertising much more efficient for marketers. With that incentive, addressable TV is forecast to grow as media companies continue to adopt technology to personalize the viewing experience for consumers. “As advanced targeting continues to become more standardized, it’s becoming easier to […]


VAB’s Sean Cunningham Expects More TV Measurement Currencies to Flourish

Television viewership underwent a significant shift in the past couple of years, as consumers sought to keep themselves entertained and informed while stuck at home. While the pandemic helped to expose the deficiencies in audience measurement, it also has been a major catalyst in the drive to develop a wider variety of measurement currencies. Sean […]


Marketing’s Future Relies on First-Party Data at Scale: NBCUniversal’s John Lee

Consumers are dividing their screentime among a wider variety of devices, challenging marketers to get a unified view of their target audiences. Media and entertainment giant NBCUniversal is working to provide those insights by aggregating data from its different businesses and their touchpoints with millions of consumers. “We need to consolidate in a privacy-first, transparent […]

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