Identity Resolution Is Bedrock Part of Cross-Platform Audience Measurement: VideoAmp’s Josh Chasin

NEW YORK – The popularity of digital gadgets such as mobile phones, smart TVs and streaming devices that are capable of gathering reams of data about their users are changing the way audiences are measured for advertisers and media companies. To ensure that audiences aren’t being overcounted or undercounted, identity resolution is a necessity. “It’s […]


Data Help to Drive Creativity, Not Stifle It: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

NEW YORK – Marketers are always looking for consumer insights that help to shape their advertising strategies, and that includes creative content that sways people’s buying decisions. Some data signals, such as those from tracking cookies, are becoming less effective, but there are other ways to gain insights about audience behaviors. “Something that we always […]


‘Stores Are the Next Major Media Channel’: Insider Intelligence’s Andrew Lipsman

LAS VEGAS – Retailers have built a multibillion-dollar business selling online advertising to brands that want to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. There’s a bigger opportunity for retailers and marketers to collaborate on in-store advertising, according to one analyst. “Stores, I think, are the next major media channel,” Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst […]


Ride-Sharing and Retail Media Networks Can Work Together: Lyft’s Kenan Saleh

LAS VEGAS – Ride-share companies have helped to reinvent how people think about transportation, and they’re now working with marketers to transform the experience. Lyft Media, the advertising sales unit of the ride-hailing company, has developed a variety of ad formats to help get brands reach consumers as they book and take a ride. “We […]


Retail Media Networks Are Gaining More Sophisticated Data Tools: Reprise Digital’s Margaritis

LAS VEGAS – Retailers are seeing strong growth in sales of online advertising, and they’re adopting data tools to help demonstrate the interplay between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sales channels. “The retailers are trying to find better ways to connect what’s happening digitally online with what’s happening in stores,” J. William Margaritis, senior vice president of […]


Measurement Is Key to Retail Media Growth: Publicis’s Allysun Lundy

LAS VEGAS – Social media and internet search derive much of their advertising power from what is known as last-click attribution, giving marketers an idea of which platforms helped to compel a transaction. Retailers that sell digital advertising are developing similar capabilities, and media buyers want metrics to affirm them. “Measurement is definitely one of […]


Marketers Are Using Data Clean Rooms in More Advanced Ways: OMD’s Sébastian Hernoux

NEW YORK – Data clean rooms offer a way for businesses to match up their data without sharing the information or intermingling it. As marketers seek to harness consumer data while also protecting people’s privacy, clean rooms are finding more applications. “We are slowly moving into the world of more advanced use cases and multi-party […]


Newer Ways of Measuring TV Audiences Showcase Data: Dentsu’s Celeste Castle

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – This year’s upfront sales season for television advertising is likely to include more discussions about ways to set the value of ad transactions, or what are known as currencies, based on viewership data from a broader variety of measurement companies. Newer currencies add another dimension to negotiations between media buyers […]


Sports Viewership Diversifies as Streaming Grows: DIRECTV Advertising’s Matthew Jamison

Streaming platforms are seeking to expand their audiences – and advertising sales — by building up their live sports programming, as seen with Amazon’s deal to show the National Football League’s “Thursday Night Football.” As more live sports migrate to connected devices, marketers must consider how their access to consumers is changing. “What we’ve seen […]


Data Privacy Is Top Concern When Buying Audiences: Horizon’s Laura McElhinney

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Worries about data breaches and loss of privacy have led to stricter laws in many of parts of the world to give people more control over their personal information. These concerns are top of mind for advertisers and their agencies as they seek to make advertising campaigns more effective at […]


Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Grow with Upgraded Metrics, Data Tools: Joanna O’Connell

LAS VEGAS – Online retailers such as Amazon and traditional store chains such as Walmart have built billion-dollar businesses in selling different kinds of advertising on their websites. In order for the retail media marketplace to grow and possibly overtake televised media – not including streaming or connected television (CTV) – advertisers will need more […]


Adtech Is Another Means to an End for Marketing Goals: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Brands and their agencies are continually bombarded with pitches on technology that promises to improve the outcomes of advertising. Their goals ultimately determine the need for these solutions. “The way I see the world is we’re playing a 3D chess game, Sam Bloom, chief executive at Camelot Strategic Marketing & […]


‘Meaningful’ Technology Is Core of Our Agency Model: Havas’s Mike Bregman

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are always looking for more insights to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. With that in mind, Havas Media Group has made the idea of “meaningful” a key part of adopting technologies that help brands to reach their business objectives. “’Meaningful’ defines our agency model, and we’re going to […]


Addressable Advertising Offers Full-Funnel Reach on TV: WBD’s Steve Silvestri

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television historically has provided one of the best ways for major brands to reach a national audience most efficiently. With technological advances, it’s increasingly becoming more addressable in showing different ads to different households during the same live programming. “Linear addressability for us, it’s not just about incremental reach,” Steve […]


Alt Currencies Will Have Bigger Role in Upfront Sales: Paramount’s Colleen Fahey Rush

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Media companies this year are teaming up a bigger variety of audience measurement providers as they showcase their programming for brands and agencies for upfront advertising sales. Paramount has worked to evaluate newer datasets and metrics that to set the value of advertising transactions, or what are known as currencies. […]


Frequency-Capping of Ads Is Key Milestone: FreeWheel’s Alex Strickland

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Regular viewers of television can be forgiven for being annoyed when they are shown the same commercial repeatedly during a program. Moreover, advertisers don’t want to damage their brands or waste media dollars when they are working to automate their media buying. For these reasons, frequency-capping of ads across different […]


Measuring Attention Shows Value of Advertising: dentsu’s Celeste Castle

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Consumers divide their attention among multiple media channels and connected devices, challenging marketers to better understand how their advertising affects purchase decisions. Advertising and marketing agency Dentsu has worked to deepen understanding about attention. “We sought to build an open economy around value impressions connecting our clients to their audiences […]


Converged Video Is Key to Reaching Consumers: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television viewership is evolving as more households connect the consoles to the internet and many younger consumers think of video as a mobile-first experience on app such as TikTok. Advertisers have to be mindful of these changes as they seek to engage potential customers. “Converged video is arguably the most […]


Linear TV, Streaming Video Work Together to Reach Consumers: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television audiences have more control over the viewing experience than ever before as they connect a variety of devices to the internet to do everything from bingeing on a series to watching live sports. “What we’re really encouraged to see, because now we have a few years of data against […]


Brands Want More Transparency in Automated TV Ad Buying: OMD’s Georgina Thomson Chats With Joanna O’Connell

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The digital transformation of the TV advertising marketplace is generating more data about media-buying activity, but what’s needed are standards for how to classify the information. Accepted definitions of content genres and other data would help. “We’ve done a lot of good work to access that data and have it […]

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