Major buyers and sellers of television advertising this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to set some common standards that make the media marketplace more efficient.

“Standards are important to create innovation,” Mike Fisher, executive director of investment innovation at GroupM, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields, “making sure that the third parties in the industry — really everybody in between the buy and sell side — understand what the buy and sell side wants from them so that they’re able to focus and build the right type of tools that are going be utilized by us.”

Agreed-upon standards about measuring audiences push buyers and sellers to compete and add value for advertisers in other ways.

“We’re going apply our own unique spin to that minimum standard, or in most cases, hopefully better than minimum standard,” Fisher said. “It’s our job to take that which is available to everybody and really make it super special for GroupM and our clients…to set ourselves apart in the marketplace, but know that the data that we’re using and the commonality that we’re using has been vetted and trusted.”

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