NEW YORK – The media landscape is being transformed with the greater availability of data to help brands decide the best ways to reach new or existing customers with their marketing campaigns.

“When you have streaming content, when you have viewership, when you have engagement – one of the most amazing things about the NewFronts is you see that technology, the interaction with the actual video units,” Mike Bregman, chief data officer at Havas Media Group, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields.

“It’s not just scanning a code anymore. You can actually click. You can transact,” Bregman said. “The amount of signals that you have in the ecosystem is just exploding.”

Artificial intelligence technology is helping to automate labor-intensive processes for gaining insights into the effectiveness of advertising among different media platforms including television.

“The human brain, the media planner, the data analyst can only handle so much,” Bregman said. “The fact that we have AI as a friend in this race, helping to think through the math equations, helping to plan and optimize, is just such an amazing experience.”

Shoppable television has been around for years in the United States with channels such as QVC and HSN. It also has been hyped because of its popularity in China, where television programming is heavily regulated.

It remains to be seen whether a broader group of U.S. consumers will shop on television, but ecommerce giant Amazon is working on showing how ads drive outcomes.

“Working with partners like Amazon, they had a NewFronts event couple of days ago,” Bregman said. “The fact that you can see the transaction in real time, that helps the ecosystem a lot because you have not only a retail partner that you can optimize your organic content, you can figure out different ways to plug in your paid content.”

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