MIAMI – Motivating work colleagues to do their best is a key trait of a leader, and it can be challenging as organizations grow.

“You have to be able to transition from being the owner — the one who knows it all — to being able to delegate and to foster that ownership in the people who work for you.” Marika Roque, chief operating officer and chief innovation officer at Kerv Interactive, said in this interview with consultant Joanna O’Connell at the Possible event in Miami.

“This, in my opinion, does not differ per gender, but it is something I wish that I had more kind of direction on when I was moving up in my career,” Roque said.

She felt as if she needed to be an expert in everything to demonstrate her value to a company.-

“My right in the room was that I knew better than all the men around me, and so, when I got into leadership, I struggled a bit, giving that away and knowing that I had a place in the room for a different reason,” Roque said.

She also said strong values underpin her actions as a manager. Those values include recognizing colleagues as people with strengths, weaknesses and sources of motivation.

“I have seen this go really poorly in both genders, but take your values with you,” Roque said. “If you do that with your values, then people will stick with you, not just at your company, but as a leader throughout your career.”

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