MIAMI – Making TV commercials more interactive has been a goal for the media and marketing industries for years. Kerv Interactive developed a technology to help identify what appears on screen to support features such as shoppability.

“We’re able to actually analyze video more precisely than the human eye,” Marika Roque, chief operating officer and chief innovation officer at Kerv Interactive, said in this interview with consultant Joanna O’Connell at the Possible event in Miami.

“We actually started to process ads through our platform and create interactivity like no one else could do,” Roque said. “We had this precision, which means that anything — your shirt, your glasses, your pants, we could actually process or ‘Kerv’ through our platform, and associate them to interactivity, commerce, anything and everything.”

Kerv is collaborating the NBC to develop data about video content, and correlating it to commerce.

“It can shopify ads,” Roque said. “We can create commerce opportunities, but we also can create just interactive opportunities as well.”