NEW YORK – Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies this year came together to form Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. The standards are seen as a way to help advertisers compare media outlets and allocate their budgets more efficiently.

“We don’t want to compete on how impressions are counted. We don’t want to compete on how we think about reach or big data, or these types of things,” Travis Scoles, senior vice president of advanced advertising at Paramount, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields. “Instead, we want to leverage that to fuel our activation, to fuel the things that really matter to us at Paramount. The JIC is a great vehicle.”

Setting a baseline for some common standards can help media companies to differentiate themselves by other characteristics, including the ability to engage audiences with premium-quality programming that has better production values than the user-generated content found on social media.

“We want to make sure that the quality of the content that we’re producing to draw in the amazing audiences that we can bring to bear is accurately measured for our advertisers,” Scoles said. “The rest of how we’re going to position that is an upfront conversation.”

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This video was recorded in Manhattan at the JIC summit conducted by OpenAP.