NEW YORK – As brands seek ways to broaden the reach of their advertising campaigns, streaming aggregator Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has multiple touchpoints with consumers. Its distribution includes thousands of in-store DVD kiosks after last year’s $370 million acquisition of Redbox.

“Redbox is a unique platform. It is really the only one that offers content at every stage of the life of a movie,” Philippe Guelton, chief revenue officer at Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields.

In addition to its 32,000 kiosks, Redbox also has dozens of streaming channels and a loyalty program with 42 million members. Brands can participate in its content platform through promotions such as “movie nights” offered in stores.

“We’re pretty much in every big retail chain around the country, and when they go to checkout, for example, giving them an extra benefit and drive them to the kiosk,” Guelton said. “We’re offering also to these retailers the ability to use some of our screens, which in some cases we’ve installed high definition TV screens on top of the kiosk.”

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