LAS VEGAS – Retailers are providing more ways for brands to reach consumers as they shop, helping to measure how their advertising drives sales. Streaming media company Roku has sought to provide more accountability to advertisers on connected television in its collaborations with retailers such as Best Buy.

“We started to broker a lot of partnerships because we have a lot of similarities in terms of why brands look to partner with us, and then we have a lot of similar goals,” Sarah Monahan, head of retail at Roku, said in this interview with consultant Joanna O’Connell at Shop Talk 2023.

Economic uncertainty has pushed many companies to be more resourceful in their marketing campaigns, and to scrutinize any available performance metrics. Roku has worked to provide advertisers, including those in the technology industry that has seen a post-pandemic slump in personal-computer sales, with the tools to reach their most valuable consumers.

“They’re really looking for Roku to provide scale, innovative ad units, creative one-to-one messaging, but they also increasingly need accountability,” Monahan said. “We’re partnering with Best Buy to provide that exact opportunity for them.”

Roku Screens

Roku this year introduced its own line of connected televisions with a propriety operating system. The devices, which are sold only at Best Buy, enable the company to gain more insights into how consumers spend time with electronic media, and support interactive features such as shoppable video streams.

“For us, it’s just a way to continue to, in a very intimate way at scale, understand what consumers want, what they’re looking for, deliver them the best experience in streaming,” Monahan said. “In terms of what it means for brand advertisers, it enables us to understand and predict behavior when it comes to shoppability on TV.”

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