Audience Measurement Highlights TV’s Mid-Funnel Benefits: DIRECTV’s Jason Brum

LAS VEGAS – The measurement of television audiences is evolving to encompass multiple platforms, expanding beyond traditional live linear broadcasts to on-demand streaming. Measurement data also include ways to evaluate the outcomes from different commercials sent to different households during the same programming, or what’s called addressable advertising. “With addressable advanced television, clients can actually […]


Ad Intelligence Is Crucial As Media Outlets Multiply: Vivvix CEO Andrew Feigenson

Kantar this month launched Vivvix as an independent brand specializing in syndicated advertising intelligence among digital and traditional media. Those channels include mobile apps, streaming and social media platforms such as Facebook. Vivvix, which is led by Chief Executive Andrew Feigenson, brings together what had been Kantar Media’s syndicated media coverage and Numerator’s advertising creative […]


Next-Generation TV Viewership Metrics Are in Their Infancy: Comcast’s Carmela Fournier

LAS VEGAS – Consumers have more ways to watch video programming than ever before, whether they’re tuning into news from a local television station or streaming an on-demand movie. Advertisers, agencies, media owners and measurement companies are engaged in continual discussions about the best ways to quantify these viewing behaviors to help set the value […]


Economic Uncertainty Drives Innovation in Advertising: IAB’s Eric John

LAS VEGAS – The global economic outlook has become a bigger source of worry amid high inflation, rising costs to borrow money, war in Europe and significant job cuts at technology companies. As in past economic cycles, the uncertainty is pressing marketers to find ways to show measurable results from advertising budgets that may be […]


Advertisers Need Cross-Platform Currency for Outcomes: Publicis’s Shelby Saville

LAS VEGAS – Consumers divide their time among multiple media channels and electronic devices, challenging advertisers to figure out the best ways to reach them. Marketers also want to identify the best combination of attributes that delivers an outcome. “As we’re seeing things evolve, it’s giving us more insight into behaviors taken, what consumers are […]


Disney Advertising Teams With EDO on Measuring Ad Outcomes: EDO’s Kevin Krim

Disney Advertising aims to provide marketers with more insights about audience engagement on its video streaming platforms as part of an expanded agreement with measurement company EDO. The companies on Thursday announced a deal to apply EDO’s metrics to Disney’s streaming services, first with Hulu. Measuring outcomes gives advertisers a better idea of how consumers […]


2023 Will Bring More Tests of Media Measurement: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

LAS VEGAS – Marketers this year will be to evaluate which different providers of media measurement provide the best insights into the television viewing behaviors of consumers they want to reach. That includes Nielsen’s tools for cross-platform measurement of linear television and streaming. “There’s some very exciting things going on. You’ve got Nielsen One rolling […]


Deals with MiQ, TCL Are Key Milestones in Platform Development: Samba TV’s Ashwin Navin

Media measurement is rapidly evolving to help marketers get a better idea of how they’re reaching television viewers across multiple platforms. Those media outlets including traditional linear television and newer streaming services that exploded in popularity during the pandemic. “All the disruption that’s happened in media consumption over the last decade — and only accelerated […]


First-Party Data Help to Sharpen Ad Campaigns: L’Oreal’s Shenan Reed

LAS VEGAS – Personal information that people provide directly to companies has become more valuable as consumers grow more aware about protecting their privacy. Beauty giant L’Oréal has a trove of such first-party data that provide an important resource in making its spending on advertising more effective. “This year especially I’m really looking to spend […]


Addressable TV Ad Spending Is Poised to Grow in 2023: DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari

LAS VEGAS – The ability to show different advertising to different households during the same shows on national television this year will become more available to brands. Measurement and attribution are necessary parts of this growth. “A lot more measurement companies are coming out asking for data, exposure data to be shared so that they […]


Streaming, Retail Media Are Major Drivers of Ad Growth: Magnite’s Sean Buckley

As brands seek to reach consumers are spending less time with linear television, they are finding new opportunities in streaming video channels that carry advertising and e-commerce sites that are showing ads in search results and product description pages. “Streaming has been a central topic not only within our industry but really in the mainstream […]


Customizable Ad Currencies Will Be Hallmarks of TV’s Future: Hershey’s Vinny Rinaldi

LAS VEGAS – Determining the value of an advertising impression on television has become more complex as consumers divide their time among a wider range of viewing devices. This diversification is leading media buyers and sellers to adopt more measurement methods in their negotiations. “There will no longer be a single currency in our marketplace. […]


Media Measurement Needs to Diversify Beyond Ad Currencies: Innovid’s Jessica Hogue

LAS VEGAS – Setting the value of advertising transactions in what’s mostly known as a currency has been a key topic as marketers aim to compare different media outlets such as traditional linear television with on-demand video streams. But measurement has many other roles in helping media buyers and sellers to understand the marketplace. “There’s […]


Business Outcomes Underlie Accurate Media Measurement: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

LAS VEGAS – Marketers what to know not only that target audiences saw their advertisements, but also that their campaigns led to an action such as a store visit, app download or final purchase. Obtaining those metrics has become complicated as the media environment becomes more fragmented into different silos or “walled gardens.” “We still […]


IAB Releases Full Agenda for This Month’s Entirely In-Person Leadership Meeting

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today released the full agenda for its upcoming Annual Leadership Meeting, a major event that helps to set the tone for the media, marketing and ad-tech industries throughout the year. This month’s gathering in Marco Island, Florida, Jan. 22-24, will include a significant presence of executives from major brands such […]


2023 Is ‘Year of Reckoning’ for Ad-Related Data and Technology: Havas’s Mike Bregman

LAS VEGAS – Economic disruptions can be painful, but they also can drive greater innovation. As the world’s commercial activity slows, marketers and advertising agencies will be making tough decisions about the business partners they want in the next recovery. “It’s gonna be a year of reckoning for sure. There’s an overabundance of companies right […]


CTV Ad Transparency Will Spur More Media Spending: Innovid’s Tal Chalozin

LAS VEGAS – Consumers are spending more time with streaming video than with traditional linear television and marketers want to reach them as platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ expand their advertising inventories. “It’s pretty obvious that eyeballs are shifting and the reason that dollars are not yet following suit as we get from a […]


Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount, TelevisaUnivision, Warner Bros. Discovery & VAB Partner to Share Streaming Data, Certify Measurement Providers: OpenAP’s David Levy

National television programmers Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount, TelevisaUnivision and Warner Bros. Discovery are teaming up with trade group VAB and the OpenAP data collective to set standards, cooperate on collecting streaming data and certify providers of streaming audience measurement, according to an announcement. “This year in particular, there are more conversations around transacting on new currencies […]


Partnership With Albertsons Comes as CTV and Retail Media Collide: Omnicom’s Megan Pagliuca

LAS VEGAS – Omnicom Media Group, the media planning and buying unit of Omnicom Group Inc., and Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm for grocery chain Albertsons Cos., announced a collaboration aimed at helping brands to target audiences and measure performance on connected television. Omnicom Media will be able to combine audience data from […]


TV Advertising Leaders Chart Road to 2025 at Beet Retreat

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The past three years were characterized by massive disruption in the television industry as the coronavirus pandemic sped up longer-term trends such as the growth in streaming media. Viewers who were stuck at home during lockdowns signed up for video services to keep themselves entertained — a need that was especially […]

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