Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Debate About Ad Creative: Publicis Media’s Eric Levin

As marketers, agencies, media companies and adtech firms gather for this month’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, there will be more discussion about the role of artificial intelligence in the creative process of advertising. The explosive popularity of ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by tech startup OpenAI, has many people asking about the possibilities and […]


Branding and Performance Marketing Work Hand-in-Hand: Wavemaker’s Sharb Farjami

This year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity includes a second round of refreshed criteria for the Media Lions awards to better reflect how significant upheavals in the media marketplace affect the way media buyers operate. This year’s festival comes as advertisers and agencies are adjusting to the effects of economic uncertainty on consumer behavior. “There is […]


Climate Change Will Be Bigger Topic at Cannes: Good-Loop’s Amy Williams

The media and marketing industries are growing more mindful about their effects they have on the environment. While media companies and ad agencies may not spill deadly chemicals in waterways or strip-mine forests for minerals, advertising relies heavily on electricity that is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels. That’s where ethical advertising platform Good-Loop fits […]


Programmatic Deals Are Bigger Part of This Year’s Upfront: Horizon’s Samantha Rose

Automated buying and selling of television advertising this year is a bigger part of negotiations among advertisers, agencies and media companies during the upfront sales season. As marketers seek to secure ad placements on network television for the next year, programmatic deals are more prominent. “We’ve seen a pretty big shift this year with programmatic […]


Supply Chain Optimization Can Unlock Ad Insertion-Order Budgets: PubMatic’s Rajeev Goel

Adtech company PubMatic this month introduced a service called Activate to help marketers find the most efficient way to buy the advertising inventory of media companies with what’s known as supply path optimization (SPO). Activate lets media buyers to execute non-bidded direct deals on PubMatic’s programmatic platform, accessing premium video and CTV inventory at scale. […]


Help Us to Build Schools in Remote Regions: Team Dayā’s Jay Sears

The dizzying changes in U.S. media and advertising technology can make it easy to forget that many people worldwide don’t have access to a basic education. Team Dayā, a not-for-profit group started by ad-tech executives, is working to build schools in lesser developed countries to help boost literacy as a key step in lifting people […]


Vision Is Key Trait for Leaders: Progressive Insurance’s Remi Kent

MIAMI – Leaders can best inspire people by sharing their ideas in ways that have resonance among their colleagues. That can be challenging as more seek personal meaning and fulfillment from what they do at work. “The most important traits for a leader are, number one: vision, and having that clarity and being able to […]


JIC Standards Can Help Drive Innovation in Media Market: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

Major buyers and sellers of television advertising this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to set some common standards that make the media marketplace more efficient. “Standards are important to create innovation,” Mike Fisher, executive director of investment innovation at GroupM, said in […]


Good Leadership Is Grounded in Solid Values: Kerv’s Marika Roque

MIAMI – Motivating work colleagues to do their best is a key trait of a leader, and it can be challenging as organizations grow. “You have to be able to transition from being the owner — the one who knows it all — to being able to delegate and to foster that ownership in the […]


JIC Seeks to Lower Barriers Among Media Walled Gardens: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to eliminate the barriers among companies that want to protect the privacy of their customers while also finding ways to harness first-party data to make the […]


First Free, Ad-Supported Television Set Readies for Primetime

A new entrant into the consumer electronics market, Telly, today is giving new meaning to the term FAST – free, ad-supported television – with the first two-screen smart TV that’s also free to consumers. The set eliminates the cost to viewers by showing paid advertising. The device has a high-definition display for watching movies and […]


NewFronts Are Showcasing Tech Transformation in Media: Havas’s Mike Bregman

NEW YORK – The media landscape is being transformed with the greater availability of data to help brands decide the best ways to reach new or existing customers with their marketing campaigns. “When you have streaming content, when you have viewership, when you have engagement – one of the most amazing things about the NewFronts […]


Brands Are Leaning Into Advanced Metrics, Newer Ad Formats: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies are coming together in the recently formed Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. As consumers split their time and attention among a variety of viewing devices and media outlets, marketers are seeking more insights on people’s awareness of TV advertising. […]


Joint Industry Committee Helps to Set Standards to Media Companies to Compete: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

NEW YORK – Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies this year came together to form Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. The standards are seen as a way to help advertisers compare media outlets and allocate their budgets more efficiently. “We don’t want to compete […]


Every Stage of Movie Life Is Opportunity for Brands: Chicken Soup’s Philippe Guelton

NEW YORK – As brands seek ways to broaden the reach of their advertising campaigns, streaming aggregator Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has multiple touchpoints with consumers. Its distribution includes thousands of in-store DVD kiosks after last year’s $370 million acquisition of Redbox. “Redbox is a unique platform. It is really the only one […]


Third-Party Datasets of U.S. Hispanics Are Often Inaccurate: TelevisaUnivision’s Dan Aversano

Television audience measurement is incomplete if it doesn’t reflect the fast-growing Hispanic market – and unfortunately, third-party datasets about Spanish-speaking households are often incomplete. TelevisaUnivision, the Spanish-language media company, is working to change those shortcomings. “We have north of 92% coverage of all U.S. Hispanic households in our [audience] graph today and it is highly, […]


Convergence of Ad Transactions Is Moving Forward: Paramount’s Michele Stone

LAS VEGAS – Television programming and advertising are being distributed through the internet with the advent of streaming video to connected devices. But the United States still has a significant broadcasting infrastructure of about 1,400 commercial TV stations. Their adoption of new technologies has been notoriously slow because spectrum is treated as a limited resource […]


Shoppable Commercials Are Coming Soon: Kerv Interactive’s Marika Roque

MIAMI – Making TV commercials more interactive has been a goal for the media and marketing industries for years. Kerv Interactive developed a technology to help identify what appears on screen to support features such as shoppability. “We’re able to actually analyze video more precisely than the human eye,” Marika Roque, chief operating officer and […]


Leadership Traits Come From Personal Style & Experience: Essence Mediacom US’s Jill Kelly

MIAMI – Women leaders are indispensable to the media and marketing industries, providing insights on the most significant segment of consumers in the United States. However, leadership traits aren’t necessarily defined by a person’s gender, but more by their personal style and experience. “Leadership traits are like calluses of life. They come to you with […]


Trust Is Key Attribute for Effective Leadership: Teads’s Monique Pintarelli

MIAMI – Amid the disruptions of the past few years, including a worldwide pandemic, war in Ukraine and high inflation, people are looking for leaders they can trust. That single characteristic is also the basis for effective leadership in business. “You need to ensure that you can build trust across the organization,” Monique Pintarelli, president […]

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