Sharing Our Learnings About Currencies Helps TV Ad Market: Paramount’s Michele Stone

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The upfront sales season for media companies this year is expected to include a more diverse group of measurement companies whose data help to set the value of advertising transactions, or what are known as currencies. Media giant Paramount last month distributed a manual at the Beet Retreat San Juan […]


CTV’s Local Ad Inventory Deserves to Have Premium Pricing: Gamut’s

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Millions of households have connected their televisions to the internet, opening up the possibility for national brands to reach targeted groups of consumers in ways that are similar to more established kinds of digital advertising. Connected television (CTV) also can enable local advertisers – such as car dealerships or regional […]


Ad Transparency Faces Hurdles in Programmatic Market: Fox’s Abbie Reichner

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The television advertising market is growing more automated with the adoption of programmatic technologies, opening up the possibility for marketers and agencies to obtain real-time data about campaigns. This information will help to make the media marketplace more transparent, but more work needs to be done. “We could provide the […]


3A’s of Television Advertising Are Attention, Addressability and Automation: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers want to know not only that their advertising is being delivered through media channels, but also that it’s affecting consumer behavior. Increasingly, these insights include measurements of people’s attention to advertising. Paramount – whose media brands include CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Showtime, along with streaming platforms […]


Brands Deserve Bigger Role in Currency Debate: VideoAmp’s Michael Parkes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Buyers and sellers of television advertising are working through a period of major disruption in how they set the value of their transactions, or what is known as a currency. The growth in streaming has spurred a need for a currency that helps advertisers to compare digital video with traditional […]


Cross-Platform Measurement Is Key Priority as Local Ads Drive Outcomes: Madhive’s Kristin Wnuk

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Advertisers have many ways to reach consumers through multiple media channels, but comparing each platform’s value is still challenging. Setting the value of an ad transaction, or what’s known as a currency, is a necessary step in improving media plans. “We’re still not at a point where we know how […]


Consumer Insights Come From Data and Content: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are swimming in data, especially as connected devices like mobile phones and smart TVs generate nearly endless information about consumers. The data are most valuable when they provide an accurate picture of people’s behavior. “When data is used correctly, what it enables us to do is to get to […]


Media Currency Tests Are Shaping View on Upfronts: GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – This year’s upfront sales season for television networks and video publishers will be informed with insights from the latest tests of what are known as currencies, or ways to set the value of ad transactions. That’s according to WPP’s GroupM, which recently piloted currencies among 16 of its advertiser clients to […]


Audience Drives Media Plans for Streaming: Mediahub’s Sean Corcoran

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. –The range of streaming services covers everything from subscription video on demand (SVOD) that doesn’t carry advertising to free ad-supported television (FAST) that’s available to anyone with a connected device such as a smart TV or mobile phone. Connected television is becoming a bigger platform for advertising as marketers seek consumers who […]


Media M&A Deals Face Key Hurdles in 2023: LUMA’s Terence Kawaja

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – The Federal Reserve’s steps to combat inflation by raising borrowing costs had wide-ranging effects on asset values, including everything from stocks to cryptocurrencies. Falling valuations last year dampened mergers and acquisition activity for a variety industries including telecom, media and technology. Bankers are hoping to see more signs of recovery going […]


CTV’s Advertising Power Is Emerging for Targeting: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions to the internet, opening up the possibility to watch a wider range of programming. Because each connection has its own internet protocol (IP) address, television advertising can be targeted at segments of the broader audience. “CTV delivers a promise of having that direct […]


Measurement, Climate and Privacy Are Key Themes for Brands: IAB’s Sheryl Goldstein

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – Audience measurement, climate change and consumer privacy are among the most important issues that marketers are facing in 2023. Media, marketing and ad-tech professionals gathered at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting to not only meet others in these industries, but also to discuss trends that are shaping their work. “What I’m […]


Identity, Context, Attention Support Healthy Media Market: dentsu’s Doug Rozen

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – A healthy media environment increasingly depends on innovations in privacy-safe audience identifiers, brand-appropriate context for advertising and more insights into how consumers pay attention to brand messaging, Doug Rozen, chief executive of the Americas for dentsu Media, said. “The goal of what we’re trying to do is to know people better […]


Paramount Sharing Operational Blueprint with Publishers and Agencies to Help Industry Accelerate Transition to New Currencies

This year’s upfront sales season for media companies is expected to showcase a variety of innovations to help advertisers engage consumers among a variety of platforms. Media giant Paramount recently created a manual explaining how advances in viewership measurement help to set the value of ad transactions – or what is known as a currency […]


CTV Ad Targeting Can’t Happen Without ‘Mapping Tables’: EssenceMediacom’s Therran Oliphant

MARCOS ISLAND, Fla. – Millions of households are hooking up televisions to the internet, promising a possibility that advertisers can reach target audiences like they do on search engines and social media. But achieving these goals for connected television (CTV) is a challenge. “We’re getting closer to being able to leverage data for more precise […]


Measurement Standards Will Help to Future-Proof TV Advertising: WBD’s Andrea Zapata

LAS VEGAS – The measurement of television audiences has been in flux as buyers and sellers of advertising seek metrics that accurately reflect the major change in people’s viewing behavior since the onset of the pandemic. Getting past the test-and-learn phase of developing new measurement tools that can be scaled for mass audiences has been […]


Data Clean Rooms Help Create Smarter Advertising: L’Oréal’s Shenan Reed

LAS VEGAS – Marketers are working to get ahead of the growing patchwork of consumer privacy laws by adopting a variety of technologies including audience identifiers and data clean rooms (DCRs). For beauty giant L’Oréal, clean rooms have helped to improve the outcomes of its advertising campaigns by matching its vast trove of first-party data […]


Audience Measurement Highlights TV’s Mid-Funnel Benefits: DIRECTV’s Jason Brum

LAS VEGAS – The measurement of television audiences is evolving to encompass multiple platforms, expanding beyond traditional live linear broadcasts to on-demand streaming. Measurement data also include ways to evaluate the outcomes from different commercials sent to different households during the same programming, or what’s called addressable advertising. “With addressable advanced television, clients can actually […]


Ad Intelligence Is Crucial As Media Outlets Multiply: Vivvix CEO Andrew Feigenson

Kantar this month launched Vivvix as an independent brand specializing in syndicated advertising intelligence among digital and traditional media. Those channels include mobile apps, streaming and social media platforms such as Facebook. Vivvix, which is led by Chief Executive Andrew Feigenson, brings together what had been Kantar Media’s syndicated media coverage and Numerator’s advertising creative […]


Next-Generation TV Viewership Metrics Are in Their Infancy: Comcast’s Carmela Fournier

LAS VEGAS – Consumers have more ways to watch video programming than ever before, whether they’re tuning into news from a local television station or streaming an on-demand movie. Advertisers, agencies, media owners and measurement companies are engaged in continual discussions about the best ways to quantify these viewing behaviors to help set the value […]

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