Unifying Linear TV and CTV Drives Value for Brands: Amobee’s Nick Brien

LOS ANGELES – The growing fragmentation of the media landscape amid the proliferation of video apps for connected devices adds to the challenge for marketers that seek to reach consumers. Taking a unified approach to these digital video outlets and traditional linear television is the best way for brands to derive greater value from their […]


Multiscreen TV Drives Changes in Ad Sales: Comcast’s Pooja Midha

LOS ANGELES – With the television marketplace growing more fragmented as viewers split their time among a wider selection of video content providers, sellers of advertising are adjusting their strategies to capture a bigger share of media dollars. Providing solutions for advertisers that are seeking data-driven, audience-based targeting with their growing programmatic buyers are a […]


Content Identifiers Help to Spur Large-Scale Ad Reach: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – The growing popularity of streaming video is giving advertisers another way to reach millions of U.S. consumers who watch a broader variety of on-demand programming. Marketers want to ensure that their messaging appears next to content that’s not only relevant to target audiences, but also is brand-safe. “Core to measurement is content […]


TV Consumption Will Grow Across Platforms: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

LOS ANGELES – The cost of viewer impressions shouldn’t be the only thing that marketers consider when buying advertising on broadcast networks. Compelling content that engages audiences in a brand-safe environment not only provides better context for ads, but also helps to avoid the pitfalls of running programmatic ads in the murkier parts of social […]


Getting Media Channels to Work Together for Marketers Is Key Priority: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

LOS ANGELES – Marketers face challenges in attaining reach and frequency goals for their advertising campaigns as consumers divide their time among a wider variety of media channels. They also seek improvements in addressability and measurement to ensure they’re driving business outcomes. Web services company Yahoo is investing in cross-channel measurement to help marketers understand […]


CTV Promises Better Targeting With First-Party Data: Ocean Media’s Jared Lake

Personal information gathered directly from consumers has become more valuable for marketers as privacy regulations and technological changes hamper data sharing. They can harness first-party to improve their ad targeting and to measure which media platforms perform best. “We’re managing a bit of a transition in terms of how we think about first-party data,” Jared […]


‘We’re Not Planning Linear-First’ for Next Upfront: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – The massive shift in television viewing habits during the pandemic has led advertisers to explore ways to reach audiences through connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. As marketers prepare for the next upfront sales season, they’re more focused on finding opportunities to engage consumers through connected TV (CTV) platforms. “We’re […]


Dwindling Ad Supply Drives Need for Innovative Formats: GroupM’s Adam Gerber

LOS ANGELES – Marketers face numerous challenges in reaching the growing number of consumers who divide their time among media outlets that carry advertising and those that don’t. The demand for consumer attention calls for more innovation in ad formats among different kinds of programming, said Adam Gerber, executive director of investment strategy at WPP’s […]


First-Party Data Drive Ad Targeting on CTV: Disney’s Marc Mallett

Marketers have more ways to reach target audiences as consumers spend more time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. The greater scale also provides more opportunities for segmentation among diverse groups of viewers. “Connected television does give us a great platform to reach diverse audiences. It is addressable,” Marc Mallett, vice president […]


Data Drives Business Outcomes for Media Sellers: Furious’ Ashley Swartz

LOS ANGELES – Media companies have greater potential to optimize advertising sales as they capture the attention of different consumer groups. As a provider of data science and artificial intelligence solutions to video publishers and television broadcasters, Furious is part of the “connective tissue” that joins buyers and sellers in the media marketplace. “We are […]


TV Can Learn From Programmatic Digital’s Past: TransUnion’s Matt Spiegel

LOS ANGELES – The television marketplace is being transformed with the growth of streaming services and the promise of addressable advertising on national networks. Audience targeting will be more granular, helping brands to improve the return on investment (ROI) from their media spending. “Marketers have clearly voted with their wallets by showing where they put […]


Audience Data Underpin Growth of Addressable TV: GroupM’s Jen Soch

The media marketplace is becoming more advanced as brands harness richer sources of consumer data to improve their targeting and television advertising becomes more addressable. The next big step will be the expansion of national inventories of addressable advertising among cable and broadcast networks. “Addressable TV and how we look at it today is definitely […]


Cultural Relevance Is Heart of Building Audiences: Warner Music’s Benjamin Blank

LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group this month introduced WMX as a music culture media holding group to provide brands with its advanced advertising offerings. WMX reaches a global audience of more than 249 million monthly visitors, and generates about 50 billion monthly video views. “WMX really is the access point by which advertisers can […]


Marketers Can Simplify Media Strategies Amid Market Complexity: Wavemaker’s Vinny Rinaldi

The media marketplace has grown more fragmented with the proliferation of streaming platforms, but marketers need to focus on the idea that they’re still working to reach the households. “The overall nature of streaming television has accelerated faster than we all expected,” Vinny Rinaldi, head of investment and activation at GroupM’s Wavemaker, said in this […]


First-Party Data Drive Better Audience Targeting: Disney’s Lisa Valentino

Personal information that consumers consent to provide to businesses have become much more valuable as privacy restrictions limit the sharing of data. Disney Advertising Sales has a trove of first-party data to help marketers improve their targeting among its different media platforms. “The opportunity is to become a lot more sophisticated and specific about the […]


Media Marketplace Needs to Face 5 Key Issues: Furious’s Ashley Swartz

LOS ANGELES – Rapid changes in consumer habits, public policies and advertising technology have disrupted the media marketplace in the past couple of years. Marketers, agencies, media outlets and ad-tech companies are grappling with these shifts. Five key themes emerged in discussions about the future of advertising and media at this year’s Beet Retreat conference, […]


Digital Ad Metrics Have Hit ‘All-Time Low’: OpenSlate’s Lynda Clarizio

Marketers face a variety of challenges in measuring the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns amid rapid changes in technology, public policy and consumer habits. Overcoming these hurdles requires an industrywide effort among advertisers, media owners and ad-tech companies. The state of digital ad measurement “is at an all-time low,” Lynda Clarizio, an adviser and member […]


Streaming Audience Grows More Diverse Amid National Shift: Sling TV’s Andrew Tint

More consumers are watching video on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, broadening the audience for over-the-top (OTT) content. These digital pipelines give advertisers more flexibility with the targeting of their campaigns. “What we have seen over the last few years is that a number of people across the country have shifted to […]


Warner Music Group Launches WMX to Unite Talent With Brands

LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group today introduced WMX as a music culture media holding group to provide brands with its advanced advertising offerings. WMX reaches a global audience of more than 249 million monthly visitors, and generates about 50 billion monthly video views. Erin Moran joined WMX as global chief revenue officer after working […]


WarnerMedia Issues RFI for Audience Measurement Amid Shift in Viewer Habits

WarnerMedia is seeking a variety of new audience measurement solutions as people’s viewing habits change rapidly with the growth in streaming video. The company, which is being spun off from AT&T to merge with Discovery, sent out a request for information (RFI) from 10 to 15 measurement providers and will narrow the list of finalists […]

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