Marketers Are Gaining More Tools for Ad Measurement: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

CANNES – Worries about privacy and stricter data laws have pushed technology companies to give consumers better control over how their personal data are collected, stored and shared. These steps are gradually leading to the disappearance of device identifiers and tracking cookies that help marketers to determine whether they’re reaching the right consumers with advertising. […]


Measuring Attention to Ads Has Most Meaning in Sales Results: Carat’s Michael Law

CANNES – Today’s consumers see or hear dozens of advertisements throughout the day among a growing variety of media channels, challenging marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Attention metrics have become more significant, especially for any insights into driving business outcomes such as sales. “We can now trade on Attentive CPMs [cost per […]


CTV Advertising Is Improving with Latest Automation Standards: Beachfront’s Amit Nigam

The television advertising marketplace has grown more complex amid the emergence of digital video channels whose technology in many ways is more advanced than the legacy systems of traditional broadcasters. Buyers and sellers of advertising also are adopting systems to automate ad transactions in programmatic auctions, adding to the complexity. “I would look at it […]


Ad Spending for Streaming Media Is Reaching Broad Scale: OMD’s George Manas

The rapid growth of the streaming media audience in the past few years has pushed marketers to look for opportunities to reach these viewers. Media companies are answering that demand with the development of advertising formats that provide targeting at a greater scale. “We saw so much transformation coming out of the pandemic with all […]


Advertisers Will Benefit From Evolution in Media Measurement: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – The television industry is open to finding multiple ways to measure how consumers are viewing advertising, especially as they spend more time watching streaming video. Multiple companies have emerged to provide the tools to set the value of ad transactions amid the shifting media landscape. “Measurement is confusing because there’s a lot of […]


Content, Context & Culture Provide Key Insights to Brands: OMD’s Caitriona Henry

CANNES – The gradual disappearance of tracking cookies and device identifiers is pushing marketers to find ways to reach the right consumers while respecting their privacy. People’s programming choices can tell a lot about their interests and mindset. Those data signals are renewing interest in contextual advertising. “We’re waking up to the fact that consumers […]


Content Ratings Must Be Key Part of Media Measurement: Omnicom’s Kelly Metz

CANNES – Advertisers and their media agencies are keeping a close eye on the latest developments with measuring television audiences. They want metrics that accurately reflect viewership of linear and streaming platforms to help set the value of ad transactions, “currencies” in media industry parlance. “The good news for the industry is that the focus […]


Brands Have More Power to Engage Diverse Audiences as Media Choices Multiply: dentsu Media’s Mark Prince

CANNES – The popularity of streaming video on connected devices has led to greater fragmentation of the media marketplace. Consumers can choose how and when they spend time watching their favorite shows, and don’t have to tune into scheduled programming unless they want to see live news, sports or events. Amid this segmented viewing, brands […]


CTV’s Positive Viewer Experience Improves Engagement for Advertisers: FuboTV’s Chris Flatley

Connected TV gives people more control over the viewing experience with its on-demand features and growing selection of programming. That positive experience can provide a supportive framework for effective advertising. “We take the user experience very seriously, and what we can excel at as publishers in the CTV space is using all of the data […]


Strategy Drives Best Creative Execution for Advertisers: TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Nancy Reyes

CANNES – Advertising campaigns are most optimal when they’re backed with a strong marketing strategy. From there, brands also can determine which media channels are most effective in reaching a target audience. “There is no great creative execution without great strategy,” Nancy Reyes, chief executive of Omnicom Group’s TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, said in an interview […]


Dynamic Ad Creative Helps Capture Viewer Attention: Mediaocean’s John Nardone

CANNES – Consumers are bombarded throughout the day with dozens of advertising messages, making their creative content an important part of standing out in the crowd. With dynamic creative opitimization (DCO), the creative elements of an ad – including its imagery, text and layout – can be put together in real time and customized to […]


TV Metrics Have Improved and Are Getting Better: NBCU’s Kelly Abcarian

CANNES – Advertisers are demanding television viewership metrics that reflect the way people spend time with traditional linear TV and newer streaming video platforms. Comcast’s NBCUniversal has worked to provide insights into what’s currently achievable in audience metrics by sharing the results of a recent test-and-learn project that included 158 brands. Kelly Abcarian, executive vice president […]


AI Technology, Subscriber Data Support Contextual Ads: New York Times’s Guy Griggs

CANNES – Putting brand messages next to content that appeals to an audience of likely customers for years has been the basic strategy for contextual advertising. That methodology was overshadowed as advertisers relied on technologies to track people’s online activities, but it’s making a comeback as consumers become more protective of their digital privacy. Contextual […]


News Content Engages Audiences With Contextual Ads: Washington Post’s Joy Robins

CANNES — Brands are renewing their interest in contextual signals that indicate where consumers saw an advertisement as tracking cookies and device identifiers become less reliable for audience targeting. Artificial intelligence technology such as natural-language processing can help to strengthen these contextual signals. “It isn’t just about trying to attach your brand to specific keywords,” […]


Measuring People’s Attention to Ads Includes All Their Senses: dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen

CANNES – Consumers have a variety of ways to view video programming and listen to audio content, often at the same time as they keep their smartphones nearby while watching television. This behavior is challenging advertisers to measure not only if their advertising was seen or heard, but also if it captured the attention of […]


Ad Metrics Need Consistency to Reflect New Viewing Behaviors: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

CANNES — People are dividing their time among more media channels and connected devices, pushing advertisers to demand better measurement of consumer behavior. The rapid growth in streaming, especially during the onset of the pandemic, heightened the need for a more universal media currency to help set the value of ad transactions. “There’s a number of […]


CTV Ad Growth Suggests Big Demand for Addressable Linear TV: Scripps’s Tom Sly

Millions of U.S. households are hooking up their televisions to the internet, opening up a chance to see a wider selection of programming from the growing number of connected TV apps. Those viewers expect to have a viewing experience that’s equal to or better than traditional television, though technical hiccups can still get in the […]


Trade Desk Collaboration Helps Brands With Digital Ad Targeting: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES — Albertsons Cos. is the first grocer in the United States to collaborate with ad-tech company The Trade Desk on helping brands to better see the effect of digital advertising on customer sales. Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm of the grocery giant, will provide advertisers with insights and metrics to optimize their […]


Partnership With DIRECTV Broadens Addressable TV Ad Reach: Yahoo’s Ivan Markman

CANNES — DIRECTV Advertising and Yahoo this month announced a strategic partnership that provides media buyers with an easier way to access addressable TV and streaming inventory. Their collaboration comes as spending on digital video advertising grows 26% to $49.2 billion this year, as estimated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “Yahoo is going to […]


Omnicom Teams With Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Instacart on Retail Media

CANNES  ̶  Omnicom Group announced collaborations with Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and Instacart as the agency seeks to help marketers with their advertising strategies in the growing field of retail media. “We are the first agency holding company that has a partnership with Walmart,” Megan Pagliuca, chief activation officer at Omnicom Media Group, said in this […]

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