LAS VEGAS – Consumers have more ways than ever before to watch their favorite television programming among a wide variety of devices and platforms. These behaviors are challenging advertisers to obtain a cohesive view of audiences they want to reach, and media measurement and attribution firm 605 is working to help them do so.

“One of the biggest challenges is trying to work with different vendors, different data providers, different people within the media ecosystem … and get that dataset from everyone,” Sam Abiad, executive vice president and head of sales at 605, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee at the 2023 NAB Show.

“We really pride ourselves in being able to work with anyone within the industry and being open and happy to share insights, share data and really try and move the industry forward that way,” he said.

605 collaborates with companies such as Operative, whose software helps media companies automate their digital and linear revenue workflows.

“The work that we do with Operative right now — we’ve got a relationship with them for planning purposes,” Abiad said, “and it’s that kind of relationship where it makes it easier at the end of the day to transact in the media space.”