Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies are coming together in the recently formed Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. As consumers split their time and attention among a variety of viewing devices and media outlets, marketers are seeking more insights on people’s awareness of TV advertising.

“There’s so many different ways in which we can look at measurement and different ways to cut and look at different data and different partners that everybody can do measurement,” Brad Stockton, senior vice president of U.S. national video innovation at Dentsu International, said in this interview with Mike Shields, Beet.TV contributor. “What we really need is more standardization across the industry to really understand how we can look at things and compare them to really understand what’s the best way to understand what’s working across your omnichannel executions.”

A key question is whether the various measurement partners such Nielsen and Comscore have been willing to cooperate.

“Everybody’s really been interested in leaning in and really understanding and sharing what they do, how they do it, and why they do it,” Stockton said. “The big thing, though, is just being really clear as part of the JIC and being transparent to our partners to make sure they understand why the value of how we’re going to work together.”

Another important issue is the uncertain economic environment, and whether marketers are conservative this year about testing new advanced metrics and forms of advertising.

“Every client’s on their own journey on how and where they’re going to lean in with different measurement partners, different currencies,” Stockton said. “Because of everything that’s been going on, everybody’s definitely leaned in more than ever before.”

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