Shopper-Loyalty Program Delivers Audience Insights: Walgreens’ Abi Subramanian

LAS VEGAS – Walgreens, the storied drugstore chain founded in Chicago in 1901, took a bigger step into the digital age with the founding of its retail media network in 2020. Walgreens Advertising Group, or WAG, is another way for the company to connect customers with trusted brands. “I always wanted to be part of […]


AI & Person-Level Identifiers Drive Results in Retail Media: Epsilon’s Dave Peterson

LAS VEGAS – Publicis Groupe’s Epsilon unit aims to make advertising on retail media networks more effective with this month’s launch of Epsilon Retail Media. The platform applies artificial intelligence and person-level identifiers in the ad server to help brands target shoppers on retailers’ media properties and the open web. “When we talk about person-level […]


Retail Media Networks Must Evolve to Secure Media Dollars, Digitas CEO Stresses

The landscape of digital commerce and advertising is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is this more apparent than at industry events like ShopTalk. The big retail conference is evolving as the industry sees the fusion of retail with advertising, in the shape of retail media. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the event, Amy Lanzi, CEO […]


First-Party Data Support Audience Targeting for Brands: Dollar General’s Molly Hjelm

LAS VEGAS – Retailers that sell advertising seek to differentiate themselves with extensive information about the buying habits of their customers. Discount chain Dollar General has 90 million reachable consumers with its DG Media Network. “Dollar General Media Network was born out of a problem that we were trying to solve for DG’s marketing,” Molly […]


Harvest Group’s Stamps Aims To Streamline Retail Media, Reduce Waste With Epsilon Partnership

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail media, brands and agencies alike seek to harness the chaotic surge of e-commerce platforms and advertising networks. Harvest Group, a retailer-focused agency, has struck a partnership with Epsilon, the outfit which just launched an upgraded retail media identity kit. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Stamps, VP of […]


Retail Media Will Boom Offsite & On TV: Analyst Lipsman

Long dominated by the likes of Amazon, retail media is now seeing a democratization of opportunity that promises riches for a broad array of players. A key trends watcher in the space says the space is opening up to more operators across more channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrew Lipsman, Founder & Chief […]


Epsilon Retail Media Unveils AI-Driven Identity Solution: Jaclyn Nix

Publicis-owned ad-tech company Epsilon has launched its own retail media infrastructure, focused on bringing people identifiers. Just-announced Epsilon Retail Media applies its CORE AI artificial intelligence and its CORE ID person-first identity in the ad server, aiming to support identification both within retail media environments and off-site. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jaclyn Nix, […]