Telly’s Second Screen Is Smarter, But Not Intrusive: Lightshed’s Greenfield

The future of television is evolving before our very eyes, with the emergence of new technologies that aim to seamlessly integrate interactivity into the viewer’s experience. One such company is raising eyebrows for the way it is delivering on the connected TV ad opportunity. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rich Greenfield, General Partner, LightShed […]


Context Can Unlock Commerce For TV Ads: Analyst Greenfield

How can the ad industry benefit from shoppable TV ads in a world where TV platforms weren’t build with shoppability in mind? For respected media industry analyst Rich Greenfield, the answer could be consumer-contextualized ad targeting. We spoke with Greenfield, General Partner, LightShed Ventures after his fireside chat on the stage of the CTV Connect conference  […]


All Media Suffer Viewability Issues: Analyst Greenfield

The digital advertising world is striving to get over the recent realisation that a large percentage of purchased inventory may never actually be in-view to real human consumers. But, whilst so-called “viewability” is a rating that has reared its head in digital channels, the idea that other media boasted totally viewable ads is a fallacy. […]


Twitter In Unprecedented Recovery, Says Analyst Greenfield

It’s not often a company sees its share price rise despite reporting a fall in revenue. But that’s what happened to Twitter last week. On Wednesday, the social network company reported Q1 2017 revenue down 24% on the prior year – and yet, Twitter’s share price is up nearly 20% at time of writing. What’s behind […]