In the swiftly evolving arena of digital media and advertising, industry professionals are constantly grappling with the challenges of identity, data targeting, and analytics.

Ahead of speaking at Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, Kevin Kowalick, the VP Strategy for Media & Entertainment at TransUnion, says marketers, solving for cookie deprecation, are moving off a technology that was “never designed for what marketers have been using it for”.

“Cookie deprecation is taking off the blinders,” he says, highlighting the shift toward leveraging owned data, which he believes will lead to “better consumer experiences” and “positive marketing outcomes.”

The Pivotal Role of Identity in CTV

With the complexity of connected TV (CTV) due to the ever-increasing number of streaming platforms, Kowalick underscores the significance of identity in navigating this fragmentation. “Without a comprehensive and cohesive view of the customer across all the different programming, a marketer won’t really know who they’re trying to reach,” he warns.

The role of identity extends beyond targeting; it’s crucial for advanced TV measurement. “Without identity, marketers are going to end up relying on less than trustworthy signals to just continue to approximate campaign performance at best,” Kowalick says.

He suggests that the true potential of CTV is contingent upon a robust identity framework.

TransUnion’s Mission: Enhancing Demographic Data and Consumer Insights

TransUnion is working to improve demographic data and enrich the holistic view of the consumer through its identity graph.

Kowalick shares TransUnion’s recent accolades within the Truth Set Data Collective for accuracy in linking hashed email addresses to physical addresses and across various demographic categories.

“Now hundreds and hundreds of new attributes are available,” Kowalick says, detailing the breadth of information that spans life events, interests, and consumer data in sectors such as auto and finance.

Kowalick will speak on a fireside – CTV, Identity and the Power of Performance – at Beet Retreat San Juan 2024.

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