LAS VEGAS — Extreme Reach’s bold new identity was just the start. For Louisa Wong, CEO, Extreme Reach, the reboot is about more than just a new name.

Extreme Reach, established in 2008, offers services in video ad serving, campaign management, and creative asset management.

The company in January was renamed XR.

Revolutionizing Creative Workflow with SourceXR

“It’s a legacy company that grew through acquisition over the last 20 years,” Wong begins, setting the stage for Extreme Reach’s current metamorphosis.

She underscores the strategic moves made in recent months: “I’ve really been focused on assembling what I would consider my Avengers team to help us go win.”

This team is already making waves with the appointment of Jo Kinsella as President of SourceXR, a technology business designed to “solve the creative workflow complexities” that today’s advertising industry encounters.

Creative Is The New KPI: XR’s Kinsella On Rebranding & Rebooting

Bridging Art and Science in Advertising

Extreme Reach’s new direction taps into Wong’s extensive background and an industry conundrum: “How do you bring the art and science of creative and media together in a meaningful way?”

Wong admits the industry’s obsession with data may have overshadowed the ‘art’ of creative.

“We’ve got a little bit obsessed with the ones and zeros and we’ve kind of forgotten a little bit about the art of personalization.”

Collaborating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

XR has partnership with the ANA to leverage Extreme Reach’s library of ad creative insights and benchmarks for DEI. “How do we come together as an industry, embrace this data and make the changes so that there’s more people that look like us on television?,” Wong asks.

She points out that currently, “less than 3% of our ads in the world is actually globally accessible today,” despite a massive audience with hearing impairments.

Wong’s call to action for the industry is clear: “Seeing brands take action because they want to do better ads, they want to do better ads for people, is very encouraging.”

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