LAS VEGAS — What can an ad platform from a TV maker offer in 2024?

Samsung Ads launched its DSP in 2020. Now it is making enhancements to the platform.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Craig Chinn, VP of Platform Sales at Samsung Ads, shares insights into the company’s latest endeavors to transform the digital media buying experience.

Streamlining the DSP Experience

“Last year was a lot about infrastructure… This year we’re really focused on making that DSP more user-friendly,” Chinn explains.

The goal is to simplify campaign setup and audience targeting. To that end, Samsung Ads has introduced ‘Activator’, a concept designed to allow advertisers to test the platform without the initial commercial negotiations.

“We think of it more as business transformation,” Chinn emphasizes, underlining the strategic shift towards a more accessible and efficient platform.

Samsung Scales Up Ad-Buying With DSP, PMP

Powering Precision with Data Partnerships

The importance of data in modern advertising cannot be overstated, and Samsung Ads is bolstering its capabilities through partnerships.

Experian announced a strategic alliance with Samsung, aiming to activate data for advertisers. It involves integrating Experian’s identity and audience data into Samsung Ads’ DSP.

“Combine [our viewership data] with Experian, we actually get better precision and better reach for our advertisers,” says Chinn.

The synergy between Samsung’s automated content recognition (ACR) data and Experian’s demographic insights ensures advertisers can target their desired audiences with greater accuracy.

Transparency and Content in a Programmatic World

With the impending challenges of cookie deprecation, Chinn acknowledges the significance of first-party data. Samsung Ads positions itself as a partner by offering its audience insights to advertisers.

“We have 60 million households… and the insights that we have on our customers combined with our first party data… we think is the best combination for advertisers,” Chinn notes.

Chinn believes the biggest opportunities for advertisers lie in inventory transparency and unique content. “We want to take that and be as transparent in the marketplace as possible with our advertisers,” he asserts.

By sharing content ID, app ID, and the non-fungible Tizen ID, Samsung Ads claims to ensure the authenticity of its inventory.

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting.

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