LAS VEGAS — In the wake of a post-cookie advertising landscape, the shift toward first-party data strategies is gaining momentum, according to Bill Stratton, Global Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising Vertical, at Snowflake.

The data cloud company is seeing brands increasingly leveraging clean rooms and first-party data.

And Snowflake recently acquired another data company to accelerate data interoperability.

From First-party Data to Standardization

“The key word there is brands,” Stratton emphasizes. “Brands who certainly have first-party data – loyalty programs, travel brands, retailers… that is really starting to come together.”

Interoperability, a buzzword that’s been circulating in the industry, is now evolving into tangible progress. Stratton outlines how retailers who are Snowflake customers are applying their point of sale data “to their media and their spend.”

By doing so, they’re able to measure the impact of campaigns such as CTV with a sales lift, without the need to copy and move data around. He believes that “we’re going to see this year a significant amount of progress around interoperability” as well as advancements in CTV inventory and targeting.

Snowflake’s acquisition of Samooha, a data clean room company, is a strategic move to enhance interoperability and simplify data management.

“One of the key goals of the acquisition is to drive this interoperability,” Stratton notes, also highlighting the aim to enable “non-technical users [to] set up a data clean room” with reduced friction.

Sports Data and Privacy

Stratton then delves into the sports industry, where data sharing is playing an increasingly crucial role. “Leagues want to share fan data, privacy compliant fan data, with their teams,” he explains.

This sharing extends between teams, merchandise companies, and the burgeoning field of sports betting.

The sports sector, echoing the larger media industry, is on the cusp of maturity in managing and leveraging data effectively.

Clean rooms, which allow for the transfer of data in an anonymized way, is a way the companies can do that whilst maintaining customer privacy.

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting.