LAS VEGAS – The digital backbone for streaming video offers the possibility to make television as interactive as other devices such as computers and smartphones. That capability opens up more ways for publishers and advertisers to engage with audiences. Media-technology company BrightLine works to provide compatibility across streaming services.

“When we create an ad to run on Hulu, it also runs on Peacock, it also runs on Max, it also runs on Roku,” Mike Bologna, chief accelerator at BrightLine, said in this interview at CES 2024. “You create it once, and it’s consistent across the board. And that is what advertisers want. They don’t want to create a different experience for every single publisher.”

BrightLine is among the companies that are participating in the GroupM Ad Innovation Accelerator. The program seeks to develop scalable ad formats that are uniform among ad-supported streaming environments.

“We have to create an ad experience that is consistent with the viewing experience,” Bologna said.

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