Samba TV’s Navin Aims To Upgrade Media Data’s Inclusivity

LAS VEGAS — In the world of media and advertising, the quest for inclusiveness and representativeness in audience measurement has taken center stage. Samba TV is hoping a new partnership building on its own data set can help improve the state of play. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-Founder of […]


AI Can Help Advertisers Reach Cross-Platform Audiences: NBCUniversal’s John Lee

LAS VEGAS – NBCUniversal this month launched One Platform Total Audience, a media planning and activation technology that uses artificial intelligence. It also plans to transact 50% of its business this year on strategic audiences to help brands reach viewers wherever they consume content. The idea “is the evolution and the next level of innovation […]


New-Look XR Assembles ‘Avengers’ To Bring Art & Diversity

LAS VEGAS — Extreme Reach’s bold new identity was just the start. For Louisa Wong, CEO, Extreme Reach, the reboot is about more than just a new name. Extreme Reach, established in 2008, offers services in video ad serving, campaign management, and creative asset management. The company in January was renamed XR. Revolutionizing Creative Workflow […]


Adtech Investments Are Reaping Rewards for Marketers: Disney’s Dana McGraw

LAS VEGAS – Walt Disney Co. this year for the first time hosted its technology and data showcase at CES, where the media giant highlighted investments in adtech to give marketers more ways to reach audiences on streaming and linear platforms worldwide. Data clean rooms have become a key tool for advertisers and media companies […]


Cultural Insights Offer Edge in Ad Strategies: OMD’s George Manas

LAS VEGAS – Social media have sped up the proliferation of cultural moments, transforming digital images into viral memes and turning everyday people into celebrities overnight. Marketers can participate in these moments, making themselves relevant to consumers who spend their time with digital media. “We integrate cultural data sets that really give us an understanding […]


Creative Is The New KPI: XR’s Kinsella On Rebranding & Rebooting

LAS VEGAS — Extreme Reach’s eye-catching rebrand as “XR” has been making waves. But it isn’t just the company’s new name that is being talked-about, it is also the names XR is bringing in to the company. Jo Kinsella, the former Innovid/TVSquared executive, has been brought in as Global President of SourceXR. In this video […]