LAS VEGAS — In the rapidly evolving world of connected TV (CTV) and digital advertising, brands are constantly seeking more precise targeting and measurable outcomes.

Samsung Ads has positioned itself in this arena by leveraging a vast array of consumer data from across its ecosystem of devices.

Michael Richardson, Global Head of Product at Samsung Ads, shares how the conglomerate’s holistic view of the household is reshaping advertising strategies.

Beyond Linear: Harnessing Deterministic and Probabilistic Data

Samsung Ads can leverage more than just TV viewing data.

“We have the best perspective on the Samsung household, not just from a television perspective, but because of our mobile footprint and also our appliance footprint,” Richardson says, combining deterministic data with probabilistic inputs from various sources.

“All of those things come together to give us a really good view on what’s going on in that household,” he adds.

With the advertising world accustomed to third-party measurement, Richardson acknowledges the need to reconcile Samsung’s proprietary data with external metrics.

“We want to support what the advertiser needs to see, so we do work with a lot of third parties,” he states.

Addressability and Attribution in CTV

The dream of CTV ads is to blend the best of digital and television, without relying on cookies.

But Richardson says CTV ads can go beyond simply extending the impact of television ads, to measurable actions, whether on websites, mobile devices, or in retail environments.

But Samsung Ads is increasingly offering its unique vantage point as TV OEM to help entertainment brands reignite viewer demand.

Consumer discovery remains a challenge, and Richardson is enthusiastic about Samsung Ads’ role in addressing it.

He shares a personal anecdote to illustrate the platform’s effectiveness: “My favorite experience with Samsung ads was turning on the television and seeing an ad for a show that I had forgotten about, but then still wanted to watch.”

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting.

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