LAS VEGAS – Consumers have become more familiar with generative artificial technology amid the explosive popularity of apps such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. Other forms of AI such as virtual agents have been used by media and marketing professionals for several years, to positive effect.

“If I look at the volume of work that I put out personally now, it’s increased massively because I’ve got these agents that help me do work now,” Graham Wilkinson, chief innovation officer at Interpublic Group’s Kinesso, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at CES 2024. “These agents are just additional team members.”

The evolution of AI coincides with the growth of automation in the media marketplace as more ad transactions are handled with software, or what’s known as programmatically. AI has been particularly useful for advertisers and media buyers in areas such as making forecasts of outcomes based on the analysis of large sets of data, Wilkinson said.

“If you do any form of prediction…it is a type of AI. It’s linear regression. It’s machine learning,” he said. “There’s a natural progression to go from some sort of linear prediction to maybe something that uses neural networks. You’re going to start to see more advancement in planning and optimization using deep-learning techniques over maybe some of the more traditional techniques that have been used for the last few decades.”

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