LAS VEGAS — Extreme Reach’s eye-catching rebrand as “XR” has been making waves.

But it isn’t just the company’s new name that is being talked-about, it is also the names XR is bringing in to the company.

Jo Kinsella, the former Innovid/TVSquared executive, has been brought in as Global President of SourceXR.

In this video interview with Mike Shields Beet.TV, Kinsella outlines the new-look XR’s proposition.

Decoding the Gold Mine

“They’ve built up an ad catalog probably over the last 40 years,” Kinsella explains. This extensive catalog carries a wealth of creative metadata from thousands of advertisers.

Finding a new way to deliver value for clients, Louisa Wong led a transformation of Extreme Reach when she took over as the CEO. The focus shifted towards integrating their point solutions into a single platform.

Last year, XR delivered 600 million unique assets to 19,000 endpoints in 130 countries.

But for Kinsella, the real value isn’t in the delivery. “We have metadata on all these creative assets,” she says. XR’s own creative ID (UICD) allows them to target and activate contextual audiences at scale across the platform.

Creative Intelligence

XR’s clients are increasingly interested in asset utilization – discerning whether all their assets are being used, adapted and distributed effectively.

XR’s platform measures carbon footprints, skin tone, gender stereotypes, and ethnicity in advertising.

“Advertisers want to understand how can they best represent the world as it exists today,” Kinsella says. XR’s data helps brands identify underrepresented demographics and adjust their strategy accordingly.

The future of advertising, as Kinsella sees it, is in creative intelligence. “Creative is the new KPI,” she says. This data-driven approach not only aids in contextual targeting but also helps brands meet their diversity scores, ESG scores, and carbon footprint requirements.

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