LAS VEGAS — The audience-finding capabilities of connected TV advertising are often used to extend the reach of TV campaigns without duplication.

But it’s about more than that, too.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Villalobos, VP of Strategy, NA, Seedtag, explains his vision.

Reinventing Monetization and Targeting

Seedtag in 2014 was co-founded by Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto, two former Google employees, in Madrid, Spain.

The company has an artificial intelligence platform called “Liz” for audience targeting based on contextual signals.

“We help monetize publishers in a way that’s a little bit different… it’s fully cookieless, but also goes beyond the IAB taxonomy to help monetization for publishers,” Villalobos explains.

The idea goes, by delivering highly targeted advertising without relying on clicks, it respects user experience and engagement.

The Future of CTV Advertising

Villalobos envisions a more refined approach to CTV advertising, where the focus shifts from pure reach to the effectiveness and integration within a broader campaign strategy.

“It’s really understanding that we’re not just buying tonnage anymore,” he says. This nuanced perspective emphasizes the importance of episodic and show-level understanding, as well as a standardized genre classification that isn’t limited to a subset of publishers, Villalobos reckons.

Seedtag’s Approach to CTV

“We are actually looking at understanding a lot of the contextual signals… and applying that into how you media buy and media plan within the CTV space,” he reveals.

The company’s approach suggests a shift towards leveraging AI and contextual signals to enhance media planning and buying – a significant leap forward for the industry.

Moreover, Seedtag is exploring creative avenues beyond the traditional TV ad. “How do you go beyond just the TV screen… into engaging, buying, or even playing with some sort of brand study within the actual player,” Villalobos hints at the interactive possibilities that could redefine viewer engagement with advertisements.

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting during CES 2024.