LAS VEGAS – Walt Disney Co. this year for the first time hosted its technology and data showcase at CES, where the media giant highlighted investments in adtech to give marketers more ways to reach audiences on streaming and linear platforms worldwide. Data clean rooms have become a key tool for advertisers and media companies that want to improve audience targeting while also respecting people’s privacy.

“From ’22 to ’23, we saw 570% growth in brands actively engaging in our clean room,” Dana McGraw, senior vice president of audience modeling and data science at Disney, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at CES 2024. “Regardless of the size of the brand or how much data that they bring to the table themselves, we’re able to offer them the same kind of capabilities.”

McGraw said brands shouldn’t feel intimidated by data clean rooms, because the technology has become more accessible. Clean rooms help to match data from different sources without sharing it among them, giving advertisers a way to get the most out of their first-party data against Disney’s audience graph.

“As the education has happened and as we’ve sort of grown in that regard, it’s going to continue to grow,” she said. “To scale to a longer tail of advertisers who maybe don’t have what they think needs to be an army of engineers to be in the clean room. But I think everyone is thinking about consumer privacy and respecting consumers and doing data the right way.”

Data Clean Rooms & Audience Graph Are Powerful for Brands: Disney’s Dana McGraw

Disney this year is expanding its clean rooms to digital advertising platforms at Google and Amazon, and is bringing its adtech capabilities other media markets worldwide.

“To allow for increased scale because of increased match for marketing, but also prioritizing accuracy of measurement and leveraging interoperability to do that — that’s sort of our foray into the next year,” McGraw said. “That’s no small feat if we can accomplish it, but that’s really what we’re looking forward to in the next year.”

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