SANTA MONICA, CA – Disney in January for the first time will host its yearly Global Tech & Data Showcase as a live event at CES, the hugely attended consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. The media giant has built an audience graph that can be matched through a data clean room with customer information of advertisers for advanced audience targeting.

“We think about connectivity really holistically across all of our content and all of the places where we have ad inventory,” Dana McGraw, senior vice president of audience modeling and data science at Disney, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica. “We’ve really focused on having an audience graph to make those connections, whether it be traditional digital type of content and inventory, streaming inventory, on and on all the way through to linear.”

US TV and CTV Ad Spending

Data clean rooms have become a bigger part of the advertising marketplace as media companies and marketers seek to avoid intermingling their data. Privacy regulations in many regions have made these efforts more imperative.

“We built a bespoke clean room for advertisers who either want to bring data and bring their own first-party data, or leverage our first-party data for targeting against our inventory,” McGraw said. “That clean-room environment is really about us understanding the need for consumer trust and protection of consumer data, but still allowing advertisers to find the right audiences in the right place at the right time.”

Inside The Mouse’s Data House, With Disney’s McGraw

Disney — whose media brands include ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, FX, Freeform, National Geographic, Disney+ and Hulu – has multiple touchpoints with consumers, including through its sprawling amusement park and tourism operations. Its media channels can provide multiple ways for advertisers to engage different kinds of audiences.

“What we’re doing with the audience graph is making those connections: a consumer who takes in our content on Hulu, for instance, but is also an enormous sports fan that’s playing fantasy football on ESPN,” McGraw said. “I’m super excited about the way clean rooms continue to scale and how we’re able to really do it much faster than we’ve ever done.”

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