acquired media-measurement company 605 to expand its customer footprint across brands, TV networks and streaming publishers. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

The acquisition bolsters iSpot’s measurement solutions for video and TV advertising effectiveness, especially in business-outcome attribution, advanced audience measurement, media planning and data science managed services, the company announced.

“The rationale for 605 — and we love so much about this company — but I’ll really boil it down to three things: it’s talent, it’s technology and it’s data,” Sean Muller, founder and chief executive of iSpot, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams. “We especially love it on the talent front. The company is very heavily focused in engineering and data science and technology in general. We’re getting a nice boost in talent to an already talented team here at iSpot.”

iSpot is adding set-top box data from 16.6 million homes to its smart TV data footprint, expanding iSpot’s total available TV device footprint to 82.7 million. The combined data sets, which include smart-TV data from consumer electronics companies Vizio and LG, will help deliver accurate, representative measurement and new currencies to the TV marketplace.

“We launched 605 seven years ago with the idea that high-quality data and advanced analytics would make television advertising even more effective, from planning and segmentation all the way through to attribution and now prediction,” Kristin Dolan, founder of 605 and current chief executive of AMC Networks, said in a statement. “iSpot has built a large and loyal customer base, particularly with large brand advertisers, and is a pioneer in the measurement space.”

605’s services include best-in-class business outcome attribution solutions that measure effectiveness against CPG sales, auto sales, credit card, location, search and survey KPIs. Capabilities also include a powerful planning and optimization platform, advanced audience segmentation and predictive analytics capabilities powered by machine learning.

All 85 employees of 605 will join iSpot, bringing total employee count to 464. In the immediate term, 605 will continue to operate as an iSpot company, building and supporting 605 solutions. The companies will work together to integrate all products under a single offering that utilize a unified data spine and technology infrastructure for all measurement and currency offerings.

The acquisition is iSpot’s fourth in five years and the biggest in the history of the company.