Beachfront on Tuesday named media and ad-tech veteran Frans Vermeulen as strategic adviser to the company, which specializes in sell-side ad-serving for convergent television. He will focus on Beachfront’s go-to-market strategy and harnessing its connected television (CTV) ad-serving technology to help media owners, programmers and distributors.

“We’re about to enter a new period of television where the mid-market is going to be a lot more exciting and give a lot more opportunities to both quality mid-market suppliers — local and national offerings — as well as the other side of the fence on the demand side,” Vermeulen said in this video interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser. “That’s one of the best opportunities here for Beachfront as well as the industry at large over the next couple of years.”

The ad-serving company has multiple opportunities for growth as traditional linear television converges with digital video streaming. Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions to the internet, where they can find a broadening variety of streaming services and CTV apps.

“Streaming is growing tremendously,” Vermeulen said. “There’s a lot of inventory out there that is increasingly becoming more addressable and I think Beachfront is in a somewhat unique position to be able to take advantage of that.”

Vermeulen previously worked as vice president of strategy and market development in the media vertical for consumer-data giant TransUnion. His experience at crossroads of media, technology and data background has included positions at TruOptik, Comcast, FreeWheel, aCerno, Cendant and DoubleClick

“Adding Frans as a Strategic Advisor helps strengthen our market position and functional expertise across several key areas,” Chris Maccaro, chief executive of Beachfront, said in a statement. “His extensive background in commercial, product, and marketing strategy, coupled with his track record of success in the media and advertising industry, are invaluable assets as we continue to scale Beachfront and expand the deployment of our technologies.”