CANNES — In digital media, execs could surely list a host of technologies and business credentials that should be in your skills stack. But what about people skills?

Sheevani Raikundalia, Bloomberg Media’s Head of East Coast Sales, believes empathy, adaptability, and effective communication reign supreme.

In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Raikundalia talks about the traits that make a modern leader.

Pivotal Leadership Traits

“Leadership styles differ based on individuals, but I think that these key traits are sort of the common thread to good leadership,” Raikundalia says.

Her perspective brings a refreshing human touch to the often hard-nosed world of business, suggesting that the ability to understand and adapt to others’ needs and styles is as critical as strategic acumen or fiscal competence.

“Your personal efforts are as important as your organizational efforts to authentically believe in and commit,” Raikundalia asserts.

Giving Advice to Younger Self

Raikundalia was taking part in She Runs It, a Beet.TV Leadership Summit at Cannes 2023 presented by TransUnion.

Reflecting on her journey to her current role, Raikundalia imparts advice she would give to her younger self.

“One of the common themes here during the ‘She Runs It’ events has been, ‘if not me, then who?’ – that really resonates with me,” she shares, emphasizing the need for self-belief and the courage to seize opportunities.

“Trust in your abilities, embrace challenges. Don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s your opportunity to lose.”

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are topics that have taken center stage in businesses worldwide.

As a woman of color in a leadership role, Raikundalia is acutely aware of her position and responsibility.

“I spend a lot of time at Bloomberg Media involved in our diversity inclusion committee,” she says. “And (I am) spending a lot of time mentoring as well as internally as well as through ‘She Runs It.’

“(I am) really just supporting those efforts in everything that I do, whether it’s hiring or having a diverse cohort in a meeting.”