CANNES — In a world where first-party data is proving its worth and the industry is grappling with signal loss, addressable TV is emerging as a confident link to ROI and outcomes.

That is the view of Larry Allen, VP & GM, Addressable Enablement at Comcast Advertising.

In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Allen explains how his company is seeing trends.

Addressability and the Data Shift

“Signal loss” is a growing issue as cookies are phased out, device IDs become less reliable and IP addresses become increasingly transient.

“You kind of lose the ability to understand what audience you’re really reaching,” Allen says.

“We think addressable, when you link that with the first-party data and the customer relationships that many distributors have, you can then build a better smarter campaign, drive reach, and find a better outcome.”

Addressability and the Planning Challenge

One key area of improvement Allen identifies is planning. Traditional planning tools are efficient for one platform alone, typically the linear platform. In the digital realm, planning has been reactive. However, with the scarcity of inventory in television and high prices, strategic planning becomes crucial.

“The agencies and the advertisers that we talked to, they are now building strategic targets.

“So planning is a very important component – right now, those tools are just lacking the ability to plan on a strategic target and look holistically across the landscape.”

The Future is Exciting

Looking ahead, Allen is upbeat about the progress made in the last year and the potential of the future. He points to the dramatic increase in inventory available for addressability and anticipates a step change in its use in the upcoming year.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 12 months,” Allen shares. “The inventory that’s now unlocked and available across both the local distributor minutes as well as the national programmer minutes has increased dramatically.”

He concludes: “TV can operate like digital, but with confidence in first-party deterministic data.”

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