CANNES – The ad-tech industry in the past couple of years has started to become more aware of how its energy usage contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. As founder of The Alpine Project, ad-tech veteran Brian Murphy seeks to help companies take steps to reduce their carbon footprints without sacrificing their business goals.

“Ad-tech in particular has now realized that our industry has a huge impact on the environment,” Murphy said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields. “We as companies in the industry have to take ownership of the impact that we have on the environment by measuring, reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Alpine Project collaborates with Ad Net Zero, the organization that seeks to raise awareness about the effects that advertising and marketing activities have on the environment, and to decarbonize the industry as much as possible. Murphy is chair of Ad Net Zero’s Working Group Number One.

“In Ad Net Zero’s Working Group Number One, we have conversations with brands, agencies, ad-tech partners, publishers — and really have a group discussion around the high-level ideas as to what we need to be doing as an industry,” Murphy said. “Alpine Project is there to help with more consultative step-by-step approach to actually getting the real work done.”

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