CANNES — A year and a half after it got a new CEO, Yahoo is getting more confident about its advertiser offering.

“Yahoo is doubling down on providing the best and most effective platform for our core customers,” says Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo, in this video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes Lions.

The company has recently shifted its focus, placing importance on Fortune 500 accounts and ensuring that its omnichannel platform delivers to these clients, particularly in the connected television space, she says.

Power of Data and Advanced Television Advertising

According to Herbst-Brady, understanding campaigns is crucial for connected television advertising, with data playing an important role.

  • “Last year at Cannes, we announced a really important data partnership with DirecTV.
  • “We recently did one with Samba television, which is going to enable a lot of our non-US markets.”
  • In addition to their recent data partnerships, Yahoo has announced the launch of “Backstage,” a platform that allows advertisers to have a clear and transparent understanding of their campaigns and the source of the inventory.

“This is the ability of an advertiser to understand that… say they’re buying on Yahoo, or buying on Hulu or what-have-you… in a direct way, in a transparent way,” explains Herbst-Brady.

Backstage aims to provide a direct line into over a hundred premium publishers, driving supply path optimization, better results, and more transparency.

These partnerships and products are a result of Yahoo listening to its customer base and prioritizing the needs of their clients, she adds.