SAN JUAN, PR — After a year that has seen intense chatter about new data “clean room” technology, the category needs to push forward with simplification.

The software allows ad buyers, publishers and others to integrate and develop insights from respective data sets without breaking privacy rules.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alice Stratton, Chief Revenue Officer, Habu, describes “step two” in their evolution.

Search for simplicity

Stratton says sell-side clean room users are searching for simplicity.

“We have seen a tremendous amount of growth  and adoption of clean rooms across many of the major media owners,” Stratton says.

“What we’re starting to see now is a kind of step two in that evolution in terms of ‘how can we now package and make it easy for advertisers who may be newer to the space to get started?’

“We’re seeing a lot of things like the design of kickstarter packages and things to help take that first-day step and see an easy path to value with the sell-side clean room programs.”

Orchestrating connections

Meanwhile, ad buyers are starting to fret about a familiar problem – fragmentation – coming to their use of these clean room solutions.

“Suddenly some advertisers are realizing that they’ve got five, maybe 10 of these clean room relationships,” Stratton says.

She says buyers are asking how they can develop intelligence “across the board” if they have multiple such relationships in what may add up to “be seen as wall garden-style relationships”. “How do you then start to learn about what’s working holistically across those environments?,” she empathizes.

Stratton says Habu is increasingly working with customers to help them holistically manage their clean room connections – in other words, “orchestration”.

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Foundation against walled gardens

Habu was co-founded by Matt Kilmartin and Mike Moreau to enable data collaboration in a world of walled gardens and privacy imperatives.

It supports privacy and governance, plus data collaboration, across a range of data locations, including cloud providers, media platforms, identity systems, activation suites and more.

The company offers data clean room services, allowing companies to combine, integrate and derive insights from data in a privacy-compliant manner.

Adoption and expenses

Stratton says clean room adoption so far has focused on three areas:

  • “Audience creation – enabling new combinations of audiences to be used for campaign activation across media properties.
  • “Insights – enabling advertisers to learn more about their consumers interests and propensities by overlapping between what they understand of their customers and also what they can learn from their partners.
  • “Measurements – knowing what’s working from a performance perspective and being able to optimize campaigns; incredibly important.

An IAB marketer survey found clean room adoption requires a big cost – but can come with a big up-side.

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