SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Regular viewers of television can be forgiven for being annoyed when they are shown the same commercial repeatedly during a program. Moreover, advertisers don’t want to damage their brands or waste media dollars when they are working to automate their media buying.

For these reasons, frequency-capping of ads across different media channels had become a major priority to solve with advertising technology.

“We’ve really invested in the past two years into this concept of global advertiser and brand frequency capping,” Alex Strickland, senior director of marketplace activation at FreeWheel, an adtech unit of Comcast, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

“It has not been an easy feat, but a number of our core programmer clients like NBC, Paramount, Fox have put in a lot of work to standardize their entire book of business across their direct I/O [insertion order], their programmatic, their reseller and their carriage business,” he said.

The goal of national brands with significant media dollars, such as Diet Coke, is to reach the consumers without overexposing them to the same ad too frequently.

“We can pick one of those ads and make sure that we never serve another Diet Coke ad, as long as we’re adhering to the time frame or to the rules that the publisher has put into our system,” Strickland said. “As the ad server and the final decisioning layer, this is where it’s so critical because we talk a lot about these issues in the industry.”

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