SAN JUAN, PR — When you don’t have the raw materials, you need to mine a different seam.

That’s what Field Garthwaite did when he co-founded IRIS.TV, contextual targeting enablement software company for video.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Garthwaite explains why it is crucial that connected TV can approximate the same kind of data transparency enjoyed by digital media before it.

“In digital, you had webpage URLs provided for tools like contextual suitability, verification, measurement, all based off of the URL,” Garthwaite says.

“That type of transparency doesn’t exist (in TV). All the technology built off of URLs doesn’t exist at all in streaming.

“TV buyers think about having program-level information, they know when their spots ran, they have a lot of transparency then in streaming environments.”

Understanding video

A host of software vendors has been working to bring extra data to help advertisers understand more about digital video inventory.

IRIS.TV’s technology peers into video content to produce a range of buyable “contextual” targeting cues, to make programming descriptors like ratings, genres and celebrities in-show classifications actionable.

LiveRamp has bundled IRIS.TV’s IRIS_ID and its own RampID two together in its unified TV platform, along with an integration with the SpringServe ad server platform.

Measurement integrations

For Garthwaite, that’s about increasing transparency in connected TV.

“It’s been very opaque,” he says. “The growth of viewership has been far faster than I think anyone thought in 24 months.

“What you need is new technology that can allow for kind of some parallel between the two.

“The IRIS_ID, which didn’t even exist at all three years ago, went  into the bid stream for the first time in 2021, was at a fraction of a percent. Now we’re hearing reporting from individual DSPs … that they’re seeing it up to 30% of their global video avails.”

Garthwaite says IRIS.TV is beginning to build its ID into new measurement solutions and some of the traditional ones, with upcoming announcements due.

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