SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Brands and their agencies are continually bombarded with pitches on technology that promises to improve the outcomes of advertising. Their goals ultimately determine the need for these solutions.

“The way I see the world is we’re playing a 3D chess game, Sam Bloom, chief executive at Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, said in this on-stage discussion at the Beet Retreat San Juan with Beet.TV correspondent Tameka Kee.

“There’s a chess game around inventory. It’s very fragmented. There’s a chess game around audiences. It’s very fragmented. And there’s a chess game around measurement. It’s very fragmented,” Bloom said. “We have to string solutions through those three pieces of the chessboard.”

Advertisers are looking for simple solutions to complex problems, winnowing down the partners that can handle a wide range of tasks. Streaming platform Roku is an example of a company that can provide hyper-specific targeting based on the information it gathers about people’s viewing habits and other characteristics.

Roku Is One Model

“I’ve always loved Roku, because I know that when someone signs up with the Roku service, they have a credit card, and the Roku ID matters,” Bloom said, referring to Roku’s audience identifier. WWhat’s embedded in it is you’ve got scale, you have identity, and you also have the ability to target, and do the things you want, and it’s a massive addressable place. It’s a straightforward solution for clients.”

Meanwhile, the media environment is highly fragmented as people divide their time among a bigger variety of channels and connected devices. Advertisers are looking for ways to reach a deduplicated audience across these outlets.

80/20 Rule

“I wan to go to where the eyeballs are, and I want to go to the places that have the relationship with the consumer,” Bloom said of campaigns. “Almost everything we do, it’s 80/20. We focus on the 20%, that’s gonna deliver 80% of the value, and that is our focus. Not that adtech isn’t important. It’s a means to an end for what we’re trying to achieve.”

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