SAN JUAN, PR — For a consumer, hands busy on the nozzle, it may seem like a moment of the day when digital screens have no room to play.

But the fuel pump these days is becoming a prime piece of advertising real estate.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO, GSTV, explains how software, backed by data, is helping marketers reach motorists at the pump, and how tracking their next purchase actions can drive brand outcomes.

Station screens

GSTV is a digital video network at tends of thousands of locations in the US, including fuel stations and retail convenience stores.

It operates in 205 markets, claiming 115 million monthly unique viewers.

“We deliver a full sight sound motion content experience to people on the literal consumer journey,” McCaffery says.

The fuel moment

McCaffery talks about the value of a fuel-up.

“We’re a highly measurable moment to talk to a consumer,” he says. “Fuel day is highly differentiated consumer behavior. It’s a day for a lot more shopping, that sort of thing.

“And it’s a moment in time where you can find attention that drives an engagement and action.

“That’s a moment of attention where, as a brand or an agency, you can entertain, you can inform, you can add value, and then drive a consumer to do something that day, that week, that weekend and beyond.”

Pumping up

GSTV is one of several video networks to have emerged in gas stations and convenience stores, capitalizing on latent consumer attention.

It was formed as Gas Station TV in 2005 but merged with Verifone Pump Media in 2017.

It has OCTANE, a data and analytics solution for ad targeting; programmatic targeting; and IGNITE, an in-house creative and content studio.

GSTV even made its own IAB NewFronts presentation in 2020.

Talking tactics

McCaffery explained some of the tricks on offer.

“We know that a consumer is there because of the financial transaction,” he says.

And he talks about how brands use the opportunity.

“Sometimes, that’s trying to prompt someone who eats at a QSR once a week to do it twice a week. Sometimes it’s, it’s trying to steal a pizza occasion and make it a burger occasion.”

GSTV includes data link-ups with Catalina, comScore, Axiom, MasterCard and others to link up a motorist’s fuel purchase with other actions.

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