SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Consumers divide their attention among multiple media channels and connected devices, challenging marketers to better understand how their advertising affects purchase decisions. Advertising and marketing agency Dentsu has worked to deepen understanding about attention.

“We sought to build an open economy around value impressions connecting our clients to their audiences with an effective attention second,” Celeste Castle, executive vice president and head of research and measurement at Dentsu, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

Dentsu has worked with attention measurement firm Lumen to develop an algorithm for measuring attention among different media platforms. Supporting the development of industry standards for measuring attention is a key priority.

“Some clients have already leaned in and this year will be even more transformational with clients leaning in even further,” Castle said. “After five years of foundational and transformational work, Dentsu is ready to unleash our attention economy metrics to the industry as a whole.”

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