Data Collaboration Will Move Retail Media Forward: Habu’s Flanagan

CANNES — Can advertisers clean up by using clean rooms? The software lets partners work on connecting datasets – without sharing privacy-sensitive parts. That is something that has been missing since new privacy legislation seemed to put the brakes on data collaboration. But such partnerships are critical to enabling an ecosystem around retail media, says […]


Beyond The Buzzword: Habu Aims Clean Rooms ‘Upstream’ In Client Conversations

At this point, it may seem like “clean room” solutions have gained widespread understanding in the media business. But the tech, which allows for data collaboration while maintaining consumer privacy, still has a ways to go. In this video interview with Beet.TV at LUMA Partners’ Digital Media Summit, Noah Fenn, VP, Consulting Partnerships, Habu, explains […]


Rishad Tobaccowala: The Advertising Value Exchange “Sucks” for Consumers

TV consumers are getting a very bad deal. But digital consumers are getting exploited. Those were some of the takeaway from Rishad Tobaccowala, senior advisor Publicis, when he was asked about the state of the seemingly implicit value exchange between people are getting brands. “It isn’t as fair and as even as people anticipated,” he […]


Habu’s Jon Suarez-Davis – Technology Isn’t Holding up Data Collaboration – It’s People

For a long time, the ad industry was playing catch up on data and technology. Today, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, Strategic Advisor for Habu, that’s no longer the case, as the technology for most sophisticated forms of collaboration and execution is in place. What’s holding up adoption, if anything, is people,  as well as the […]


Lou Paskalis: When it Comes to Ad Targeting, It’s Time to Rebuild

Digital ad targeting isn’t just going through change. It may be ceasing to exist as the we’ve has long known it. That, to Lou Paskalis CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory, is a a good thing, For too long, privacy and targeting have been at odds. In fact, according to Paskalis, the work targeting is […]


Busting Clean Room Myths With Habu’s Matt Kilmartin

They are gaining traction as a way for brands and publishers to layer their respective datasets in order to improve audience targeting or generate insights. But clean rooms don’t necessarily depend on first-party data, and don’t have to be used for targeting. That’s according to the co-founder and CEO of one clean room vendor, Habu. […]


Clean Rooms’ Second Wave: Easier Onboarding & Cross-Room Orchestration

SAN JUAN, PR — After a year that has seen intense chatter about new data “clean room” technology, the category needs to push forward with simplification. The software allows ad buyers, publishers and others to integrate and develop insights from respective data sets without breaking privacy rules. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alice Stratton, […]


How To Harness The Evolution Of Clean Rooms: Habu’s Stratton

LAS VEGAS — Not everyone would describe software for privacy-compliant data integration and enablement as “exciting”. But that is exactly what a growing number of people in media and advertising are saying about the emerging category of “clean rooms”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, a vendor of one such solution says the tech has […]


Innovation & Ownership: Data Clean Room Trends, From Habu’s Kilmartin

LAS VEGAS — It may be the piece of software many marketers wish they didn’t need to have – but data clean rooms are helping advertisers transform what they can do with audience and customer information. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each […]