SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In a media world known for being fragmented, companies are finally starting to work together to smooth the path.

But there are still areas where the industry needs to come together.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, industry veteran Jonathan Steuer says measurement still needs to benefit from greater working-together.

Beyond collaboration

“The really good news is that there’s been enough collaboration that we’re finally moving and headed in the direction of more advanced measurement opportunities and new currencies,” Steuer told Beet.TV correspondent Tameka Kee.

“The downside is that there are holes in the data marketplace and in the measurement ecosystem that make it really challenging for marketers to get a comprehensive view of where their dollars are going and for publishers to do the best job they can of maximizing the value of their inventory.”

Steuer says the key is more collaboration on data access.

Step change

Steuer is calling for “collaborative counting”, which he describes as “the fundamental layer of a new world of TV data”

What’s “collaborative counting”? Steuer imagines a standardized method for access to set top box data to smart TV data from all the different providers, a linkage mechanism to attach that to digital and streaming data.

He says the recently-formed JIC, or Joint Industry Committee, to tackle the issue is “headed in that direction”, but he says a true solution will require a step change.

“I don’t think we get there without a very collaborative spirit from companies that historically have not wanted to provide access to their data,” Steuer says.

Clean room inspiration

How exactly could “collaborative counting” come about? Steuer sees a parallel in data clean rooms.

They “enable those data sets to be controlled on a per use case, per publisher, per provider basis”.

“The existence of those technologies now opens up the opportunity to do that in a way that’s never been possible before,” he adds. “So, fingers crossed, we can have a rational conversation about counting.”

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