Clean Rooms’ Second Wave: Easier Onboarding & Cross-Room Orchestration

SAN JUAN, PR — After a year that has seen intense chatter about new data “clean room” technology, the category needs to push forward with simplification. The software allows ad buyers, publishers and others to integrate and develop insights from respective data sets without breaking privacy rules. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alice Stratton, […]


How To Harness The Evolution Of Clean Rooms: Habu’s Stratton

LAS VEGAS — Not everyone would describe software for privacy-compliant data integration and enablement as “exciting”. But that is exactly what a growing number of people in media and advertising are saying about the emerging category of “clean rooms”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, a vendor of one such solution says the tech has […]


How Retailers Can Benefit From Sharing Data: LiveRamp’s Stratton

SAN FRANCISCO – They may have come to regard their own customer and prospect data as closely-guarded information. But retails have plenty to gain from sharing their customer data with other organizations. New software allowing that to happen in a way that respects both user privacy and client confidentiality now promises to unlock those benefits. […]