Kantar this month launched Vivvix as an independent brand specializing in syndicated advertising intelligence among digital and traditional media. Those channels include mobile apps, streaming and social media platforms such as Facebook.

Vivvix, which is led by Chief Executive Andrew Feigenson, brings together what had been Kantar Media’s syndicated media coverage and Numerator’s advertising creative data intelligence platform to become the world’s biggest ad intel company.

“Advertising intelligence is really meant to give people a view of all the world of advertising that they couldn’t see on their own, so when they go into any decision making process, they have a full confidence, a full command of the facts around them,” Feigenson said in this interview with Beet.TV. “That’s become harder in today’s landscape as we talk about all the time, the media landscape has fragmented.”

Vivvix’s clientele mostly consists of brands that typically need insights into the competitive landscape as they strategize, though both media buyers at agencies and advertising salespeople at media companies can use Vivvix’s tools. Vivvix covers more than $250 billion in media spend and provides detailed descriptors for more than 35 million creative assets.

“If you’re an agency, you’re using this to do media planning to understand for your clients the best place to put your dollars,” Feigenson said, “and if you’re a media company, you’re usually using this to sell media, so you can walk into an agency or brand and say, ‘I’ve seen every place you put your ads. I see that it’s with my competition. Let me tell you why you should use me.'”

Connected TV Boom

Connected television (CTV) is a high-growth segment as consumers spend more time with streaming video than with traditional live linear television. CTV apps not only are multiplying, but major platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ are expanding media inventories with the rollout of their ad-supported tiers.

CTV “is booming right now, and we’re seeing a tremendous amount of interest in it particularly as companies figure out: from the buy side, how to use that; from a sell side, to understand where shifts are taking place,” Feigenson said. “Without a doubt, connected television — if we do this right as an industry — is going to be one of the most exciting things going on right now.”