LONDON, UK — Piece by piece, the connected TV experience is improving for viewers, broadcasters and advertisers alike, as tech firms improve the offering.

That has certainly been the case for ad server firm SpringServe in the last couple of years.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Léon Siotis, Head of International, SpringServe, talks about the state of play, and what comes next.

Direct connection

Speaking at Beet.TV’s London summit in December, Siotis told me the industry has “made huge progress and solved a ton of problems”, with so much software now having been rolled out that many of the remaining problems are around business collaboration, rather than tech.

Case in point – SpringServe’s Direct Connect, “which as the name suggests, helps one SpringServe customer directly connect with another customer to help enable that sales flow”.

Siotis says more broadcasters are starting to look at expanding outside of their home market. But expanding their teams and tech is expense, driving collaboration. He see Direct Connect as part of that.

SpringServe Is Magnite’s Springboard For Improving CTV Ad Experience

Home rules

Acquired by Magnite in 2021, SpringServe is an ad-serving platform handling inventory routing, customized ad experiences and advanced podding logic for CTV publishers.

Increasingly, smart TV content services are being provided or delivered by smart TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) themselves – an area Siotis says will be particularly exciting in 2023.

He says imperatives for smart TV makers are two-fold:

  1. Discovery – surfacing the right content on a home screen to the right viewer.
  2. Monetization of ad opportunities within the same space.

But Siotis says it is possible for publishers to manage both functions in the same way these days.

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