It has spent the last few years developing advanced advertising solutions.

Now the consortium bringing TV advertising into the future is getting ready to upgrade traditional demographics.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Breedlove, VP, Measurement & Analytics, OpenAP, explains the plan.

Accelerate to demos

“We are going to accelerate things,” Breedlove says.

“We’ve been focused on advanced advertising, but, we’re working on the release of OpenID-level demographic data that will operate across platforms and toward the combination of scaling advanced advertising and advanced targeting in combination with entering the space of demographic data.

“We’re going to fuel additional growth in the marketplace.”

Identity spine

OpenAP is owned by Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount and Warner Brothers Discovery.

Its mission is connecting publishers and platforms to offer holistic cross-screen targeting and measurement.

OpenAP’s OpenID identity spine unlocks consistent targeting and measurement across platforms.

Breedlove says: “(That) creates a consistent audience that is used to actually plan the campaign, actually deliver the campaign and to measure cross-platform reach and frequency on the back end.”

Come together

OpenAP can’t do it alone – but then, neither can any of the individual publishers in the marketplace.

Breedlove says: “Collaboration is important because all the publishers are developing their own technology stacks and data sets. If you let them operate alone, essentially you’re creating more walled gardens.

“OpenAP serves as the infrastructure that allows connectivity between all these environments, which simplifies the process for an advertiser to activate a cross platform and cross publisher campaign.”

Breedlove spoke at the Advanced Advertising Summit in New York.

He was interviewed by Jon Watts, Editorial Director  Beet.TV Events, and the managing director of CIMM.