Welcome to this episode of the #BeetCast,

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.

For this week’s episode, I am happy to chat with Matt Seiler. Many of you know Matt as the longtime CEO of IPG Mediabrands and later at Dentsu where he was President of Brand Solutions.

An innovator who saw the transformation of the media business to programmatic, Matt has taught and inspired many of us in the industry.

Now Matt is guiding individual careers as a headhunter with the global executive recruiting firm Raines International.

In our chat, he talks about the value of human capital in the advertising industry and the challenges that remain in hiring and recruiting talent.

He also addresses the challenges of a post-Covid workplace and his suggestions on what companies need to do to retain and nurture staff.

Great conversation, as always with Matt. Thank you, Matt.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor Mediaocean, and thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy the episode.