Consumers have more media choices than ever before as internet connectivity continues to broaden beyond computers and mobile phones to include television. Linear TV is converging with on-demand digital channels, and media companies are seeking a unified way to sell their ad inventories across these different platforms.

“It’s the revenue opportunity that’s pushed convergence. Linear revenue is relatively flat — potentially a small decline — over the last few years, while digital continues to grow,” John Morris, vice president of streaming and on demand at ad management platform WideOrbit, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “Advertisers really are demanding audiences…regardless of where or how that audience is consuming content.”

WideOrbit is developing more software tools to help media companies manage their linear and digital ad inventories. That includes selling ad placements through online exchanges that bring together buyers and sellers, Morris said.

Source: eMarketer, Insider Intelligence

In addition to the growth in connected TV (CTV), Morris foresees greater consumption of podcasts as media companies develop a wider range of audio programming.

“Podcasting is no longer only a means of communication or monetization for a podcaster sitting in his or her home office creating amazing content,” Morris said. “It’s also now widely available to print, TV, network, etc. as another vehicle for those folks to get their content out.”

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