‘Revenue Opportunity Has Pushed Convergence’: WideOrbit’s John Morris

Consumers have more media choices than ever before as internet connectivity continues to broaden beyond computers and mobile phones to include television. Linear TV is converging with on-demand digital channels, and media companies are seeking a unified way to sell their ad inventories across these different platforms. “It’s the revenue opportunity that’s pushed convergence. Linear […]


Innovation Needed To Solve Media’s Silent Accounting Problems: Hudson MX’s Batson

Accounting may not sound like the sexiest part of the media industry – but it is certainly one of the most important, and one which frustrates many media providers and buyers alike. That is why Hudson MX this week unveiled a new platform, FinanceAssist, designed to reinvent media accounting for the modern era. In this […]


In TV Transformation, Keep Digital’s Hard Edges: Premium Media 360’s DePascale

New technology that delivers TV over the internet allows advertisers to start planning and buying TV ads with digital-style tactics. As they do so, many buyers nevertheless want connected TV to start functioning like TV per se. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad data enabler says the baby should not be thrown […]


Smart Speakers & Shoppable Audio In Entercom’s 2021 Ad Offering: Lagana

If video killed the radio star, then podcasts, smart speakers and new-wave sales techniques are putting the medium back center-stage. Developments like those – plus in-ear gadgets and in-car systems – mean a new era. That is according to Ken Lagana, EVP of digital sales and strategy at Entercom, the number-two radio group in the […]


Ad Impressions, Not Ratings Points, Are Key to Future of Local TV: Meredith’s Doug Lowe

The convergence of traditional broadcasting and digital technology is transforming the media industry, including local TV stations that carry a mix of network programming and regional news. With advertisers buying media based on viewer impressions, which is common on digital platforms, local stations are shifting from metrics like ratings points. “For a long time, we’ve […]


Automated Media Sales Are Biggest Priority for Broadcasters: Cox’s Steve Pruett

As millions of households connect their TVs to the internet, the broadcasting industry is undergoing one of the biggest changes in its history. In addition to sending signals through the airwaves and cable systems, they’re also pushing linear TV content through over-the-top (OTT) platforms as traditional broadcasting converges with digital streaming. “We are focused on […]


Convergence Means ‘Best of Both Worlds’ for Linear, Digital: WideOrbit’s Will Offeman

The shift in viewing habits from linear TV to newer digital video platforms has challenged major advertisers to achieve the same kind of reach they could expect in past years. The availability of more data sources about consumers is helping marketers and their media buyers to improve their targeting and avoid duplication among different platforms. […]