A new report shows ad buyers have a laundry list of changes they would like to see to addressable TV ads, if audience-based buying is to become more popular.

But recent changes may suggest some of their prayers may get answered.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Prasad, chief strategy officer, describes some of the findings of a new survey of brands and ad agencies that was commissioned by DISH Media, Cadent, Canoe, Comscore, INVIDI Technologies, LiveRamp, Verizon Media, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia

Unification for the nation

The studyEra Of Addressable, carried out by Forrester found the buy side calling for change:

  • Simplify buying and managing campaigns across suppliers (66%)
  • Increase scale (65%) and national footprint (64%)
  • Interoperability among MVPDs (74%); technology partners (93%)
  • Single measurement standard from media companies (92%)

“A unified and what they were calling a ‘single measurement standard for addressable’ was the second-highest question answered in terms of percentage,” Prasad says.

“Seventy-three percent said that that was something they were looking for. You can’t run addressable and then still measure things on an age-and-gender proxy in that commercial break, because that break will no longer function like a typical age-and-gender-measured commercial break, because now you’ve changed the targeting in a certain amount of households.”

Match segments

For Prasad, it is becoming important that addressable TV ad buyers can granularly identify their audiences, even on combined footprints of viewing services.

“LiveRamp maintains a subscriber file match process with MVPDs,” he says. “That match, it allows us to be able to look at the universe size of any MVPD against an audience. You can grab an audience from an advertiser through a first-party onboard, or grab a segment from the LiveRamp data store.

“We would basically allow for more instant counts, meaning if you grab this auto intender segment and you want to know how many households it can reach on DISH, we can give that calculation very quickly, and we can do the same thing across all the MVPDs.

If you’re an auto maker, (you can) look at, ‘Well, if I take my lease-ending segment of households that I know have a vehicle that’s expiring, and I want to add on this additional in-market auto segment from the data store, how much can I reach? How many households can I get to?”

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